Published clarifications of the amendments to the Constitution

The Central election Commission (CEC) of Russia has published on its website, information booklet, "amendments to the Constitution: why it matters" which explains all put to a nationwide vote changes in the basic law.

"Values, traditions, sovereignty and national unity – the Foundation on which stands our country. Amendments to the Constitution strengthen this Foundation. Reflect the increased role of Russia in the modern world. Reinforce the priorities of the basic law – protection of the rights and interests of citizens, social security," stated in the Preface.

A 20-page booklet of proposed amendments is divided into 12 chapters, "family values", "Protection of the working man", "Social guarantees", "high-quality and Affordable medicine to each", "In power – only the patriots", "the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity", "Stability and development", "the Preservation of the natural wealth", "Responsible attitude to the animals", "Support for volunteers and NGOs", "the Preservation of cultural heritage", "Support of Russian science". Each section includes a brief explanation about the specific changes to the Constitution which put to the vote.

“If the epidemiological situation will allow” Putin determined the date of the vote on the Constitution

March 11, the state Duma adopted in the final reading the presidential draft law on the amendment of the Constitution. On the same day it was approved by the Federation Council, then the document was supported by the legislative assemblies of all subjects of the Russian Federation. On 14 March, the Federation Council adopted a resolution on the results of that review and sent it to the President. The amendments will enter into force only if approved in the nationwide vote.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his televised address to the citizens on 25 March stated that the date of the vote on the amendment to the Constitution should be postponed because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. According to the head of state, it is necessary to assess how the situation will develop, and to decide on a new day of voting, based on the advice of doctors and other professionals.