When the state will roll out the new vegmilliardar up to 2027 can the west coast be the record.

In a new list from the Norwegian public roads administration, they come with innspel to how they will prioritize the various riksvegprosjekta, if the state continues with løyvingsnivået they have today.

Get the Norwegian public roads administration what they want, go the whole 70 per cent of the pot to the new riksvegar in Norway to gigantprosjektet Hordfast between Bergen and Stavanger:

E39 project will cost nok 19.3 billion government money, in addition, shall 17,4 billion in bompengar. The 6.5 billion going to the highway E6 of Oslo to the east and 1.4 billion to the crossing of the Glomma on state highway 22 and 440 million to Holmenbrua on state highway 282.

If the state increases the løyvingane to riksvegane, they will also give money to the six other projects on the to the together 14 billion. When will bruprosjektet Hordfast stand for just under 50 per cent of the total vegpotten.

Utbyggingsdirektør in the Norwegian public roads administration Kjell Inge though nobody was perfect they say prioritizes E39 Hordfast so strong because the road is very socio-economically many.

– There is no doubt that the tying together of Bergen and Stavanger is incredible, value-creating, and maker large bu and arbeidsregionar, ” though nobody was perfect.

Samferdslepolitikarar on the west coast will have even more

the priority list are public roads administration its innspel to the national transport plan for the 2022-2027 (NTP). It is this plan that add føringar for what samferdslepengane to go to – everything from flyplassar, rail, screwed things up and ways.

But even though the public roads administration will give the majority of vegpotten to the west coast, will the politicians in the region have even more money.

DISAPPOINTED: Jenny Foaling, a leader in Stamvegutvalet for the E39 and the Sp-politician, is provided over the suggestions from the Norwegian public roads administration.


– It is definitely the west coast who have too little. See the one on the prioriteringane, it is mainly large four-lane roads located in Austlandet, who from before both trains and Intercity, ” says Jenny Foaling (Sp), a leader in Stamvegutvalet for the E39.

She believes that if one looks gathered on investments in road and rail, OPS-projects and roads built by the company New Roads is the west coast taparen.

– Part of the E39 in Western norway have not so much yellow midtstripe, and in the plan from the public roads administration, there are no measures between Bergen and Ålesund, she says.

For gigantprosjektet between Bergen and Stavanger drew almost all of the vegmidlar in the region.

Foaling receive support from the chairman in Rogaland, Arne Bergsvåg from the centre party, in spite of the prospect of the new road between Bergen and Stavanger.

“We are very disappointed,” says Bergsvåg.

– Gets the west coast for little of vegpengane?

– Yes, when the E134 and ROUTE 13, which runs through Vestland and Rogaland nedprioriterte is it not good enough, says Bergsvåg.

Need to use the money where the benefit is greatest

Leader in the samferdslekomiteen in the south of norway, Bjørn Tore Ødegården (Ap) is not agreed that Austlandet can send vegpengar west.

USAMD: Bjørn Tore Ødegården (Ap) want to bet more on the ways with the greatest samfunnsnytte.

Photo: Pressefoto

– The most important thing is to use the money where they provide the greatest samfunnsnytte, says Ødegården.

He says the Creek and the greater Oslo area has a major problem with the capacity of rail and road.

– It is an artificial debate about whether the money will be used in the east or the west. The point of prioritizing in the National transport plan must be to put the money where they give the best effect for the community that matter, think Ødegården.

the National transport plan shall vedtakast in 2021.

NEW ROAD: the E6 Kolomoen-Moelv in the Inland county is one of a number of large motorvegprosjekt on Austlandet the last few years.

Photo: New Roads