The staff of the brothel in Germany said that they are ready to return to work. They were asked to lift the ban on the activities of public houses, along with massage parlours, restaurants, museums and beauty salons, where workers are already started to work.

To protect visitors, employees, public houses agreed to meet the requirements of sanitary norms. For this purpose it was proposed to limit the number of employees up to 10 employees in small establishments and a little more larger. It was also proposed to allow meetings with customers in private apartments and houses, according to “gazety”.

In addition, like in beauty salons, workers of sex work are obliged to wear masks and disinfect working areas.

Representatives of the Federal Association of sex workers of Germany noted that it is impossible to discredit the whole industry, especially in public houses has always been a “high hygiene standards”.

It is noted that in Switzerland also thinking of opening public houses after the quarantine on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection. In addition, as security measures in the Swiss public housing is recommended to avoid cases when customer and employee are at a close distance face to face.

Earlier wrote that the largest brothel in the world Daulatdia in Bangladesh lost all his customers due to pandemic coronavirus. It is noted that more than 1,500 employees, public house, faced with a shortage of food.