the Third meeting of Pechersky court on the election of ex-President of the Republic of the measure turned to the incumbent of the next image losses. The Prosecutor General’s office abruptly gave “back”, closing the criminal proceedings against Poroshenko.

Chosen by a group of trained lawyers led by Andriy Portnov strategy – “crush” Poroshenko a number of open against him of criminal proceedings – cracked at the seams. Attorney Novikov called the name of the source from which first discovered the sensational news. It turned out that Peter brought from-under blow the head of the investigative group Oleg Koretsky. At the same time he agreed to give a lengthy interview to the three “poroshenkos” channels and tell the details of the “internal kitchen” of the state Bureau of investigation, where the alleged “concocting any business under the order of people Zelensky”.

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of last convocation Igor Lapin advised to the correspondent “MK” is not delusion about the “bessrebrenikov” Mr. Koretsky. “I’m with this man long time worked in the Volyn region, he served as a Prosecutor, I’m a lawyer. Time to go over to the enemy is not treason!” – Lapin added pointedly.

the Lawyer Portnow in his Telegram channel reported that the Pechersky court of Kiev tonight registered his complaint on the decision of the investigator of the state Bureau of investigation to close the criminal proceedings against Poroshenko “the Smithy on the Rybalsky”. “Chief thief of the country waking up early, wrote Portnow. – He tightly went to the criminal summons, the courts, the interrogation of preventive measures, petitions and complaints, all what you have implemented within 5 years of its thieving government.”

Former Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych lays the blame for the failure of the Prosecutor one of the most promising criminal cases on the “incompetent police officers.” “Even if Poroshenko is now starts to climb the pockets in trams, his actions will be portrayed as a natural reaction persecuted by the authorities of man. He will give background of the “prisoner of the opposition”, – said Andriy Portnov.

the Ukrainians, dissatisfied with the results of the 5-year reign of Peter Poroshenko, today had to part with another dream. “The verdict” Peter Alekseevich was exculpatory.