There is now under three months to this year’s Roskilde Festival, and the corona-the crisis ravaging continued. A professor in the infektionsimmunologi am afraid that it is no longer realistic with a big music festival in late June.

one sports and kulturevent after another is being cancelled – not least the holding of the european Football championship in Copenhagen – Roskilde keep you still stuck in the plan to gather over 100,000 people to the music and celebration, when the gates for this year’s Roskilde Festival is set to open on 27. June.

Jan Pravsgaard Christensen, who is a professor in the infektionsimmunologi at the University of Copenhagen is, however, pessimistic.

“I do not believe that the festivals are to something. Simply,” he says to the B. T..

“Festivals such as the Roskilde Festival has, of course, a great many people gathered very close together under the already almost miserable conditions. You share the tents, the toilets and eat together. Even without corona, then you must have a decent immune system the places,” he continues and points out that many of the festivals also, are international and, therefore, brings together people from all over Europe that can bring infection with the.

“The first, which closed down, was precisely the large, communal gatherings. Unfortunately, it is probably also the last, as it closes up. Even though the Festival only starts at the end of June, so is it not time to hold the festival,” vuderer Jan Pravsgaard Christensen.

He sees not a possible solution in, for example, to close fewer guests enter the festival grounds. For example, over 30,000.

“Those people should still stand close, hear the concert and stay in a tent.”

Roskilde Festival’s spokeswoman Christina Bilde has been submitted Jan Pravsgaard Christensen’s assessment and writes in an email to B. T.:

“Just like all the other we follow the development closely and are awaiting a plan for how and when, Denmark is to be opened again. It is not an optimal hold to be in for anyone, and we still hope that the measures that authorities have taken and are working as intended.”

She adds:

“But we have also understood that the authorities can assess the situation more closely in the weeks after easter. It is them, we must sit up and also to assess the risk.”

Christina Bilde says that they have a responsibility to create a safe and secure festival for all, and that the planning continues to take place in close cooperation with the authorities. Their instructions are crucial for the festival to be implemented this summer.

“So we stand in hope and to continue planning while we await the authorities’ assessment of the situation for the summer.”

The 18. march chose the one in the Uk to cancel the English counterpart Glastonbury.

explained Here Roskilde Festival, Christina Bilde, that you can’t compare the two festivals directly, as they build their tents up over a much shorter time than they do in England.