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Åse Bruun-Gundersen (Frp) fear that the private first to be mobilized when everything peaks, and that it can be too late.

It must be done deals now. There is probably only weeks to the public health care system is broken, and then everything will be clear with the agreements and the financing of the purchase of capacity, ” says Bruun-Gundersen who is the party’s helsepolitiske spokesperson.

the progress helsepolitiske spokesperson Åse Bruun-Gundersen.

Photo: Adrian Nyhammer Olsen / NRK

She points out that people now are worried about whether they would get necessary health care, or be standing on the priorities.

– When should the hverfall know that in the Uk) so have you put away all the ideological blinders, and also recognize the private actors is an important contribution to solve this situation.

Bruun-Gundersen also believes that the municipalities need to make use of private forces, and purchase any capacity from the private hjemmehjelpsfirmaer.

– Now there will be many more than before that have the need for home care when the caregiver is not in the same way manage to set up the former, either because they are in hjemmekarantene or isolation or fear of infection even.

The third krisepakken: Dealer about billion to municipalities, agriculture and the collective

Has put forward the proposition

the Parliament shall on Tuesday, after the plan to adopt the third krisepakken that the government presented on Friday. SV has in the negotiations put forward a proposal in which they ask for a plan for how the private can contribute to solving the major tasks in health care.

They think it must be mobilised both to take care of koronasmittede and patients, which is now being discouraged for other treatment.

socialist left helsepolitiske spokesperson Nicholas Wilkinson.

Photo: Siri Vålberg Saugestad / NRK

– We will use all the capacity, people, equipment and expertise to help all people, also those who do not have money or health insurance. So we will use all hospitals, including private ones, to help people who need it, ” says national healthcare spokesperson Nicholas Wilkinson in the SV.

– Can private hospitals and clinics take care of the koronapasienter?

– Some of them can, but there are also other treatments that people need also in korona-time. So when we need to use all the capacity to help all people who need health care.

Tuesday to the Parliament to vote on the proposal.

– Considering the measures consecutively

state secretary Anne Grethe Erlandsen at the ministry of Health writes in a comment that the cooperation with the private helseaktører must be maintained in the situation that helsetjensten is now facing.

– Helseregionene is responsible for spesialisthelsetjenestetilbudet to the public, and enter into agreements with private actors in order to provide the best offer possible. Helseregionene is now in a very difficult situation.

But in the same way as in the past, are assessed an ongoing basis what steps it needs, also related to the use of private. I am familiar with that helseregionene have dialogue with its contract partners about how they should respond to the ongoing situation, both with regard to the smittevernstiltak and activity level.

She says that the Norwegian directorate of Health and the regional health enterprises identify opportunities to increase capacity, also opportunities in the private.


– We are prepared to relieve the public health system, but have not yet received specific requests from the authorities, ” says managing director Per Helge Fagermoen at Volvat, which is the country’s largest private health care measured in the number of pasientbesøk.

– We have a lot of capacity available and also calls for clearer central control, ” says Fagermoen.

Managing director Per Helge Fagermoen at Volvat

Photo: Aleksander Nordahl / Dagens Næringsliv

Aleris is the largest private helseaktøren in Norway. Like Volvat they have at the request of the authorities provided overviews of personnel and equipment.

Both are already affected by koronakrisen. Volvat has, in cooperation with the municipality of Oslo established a public feberklinikk. Aleris will accept more patients than before from the public hospitals, for example, within øyebehandling and kreftutredning.

– We are ready to help. We have also provided information about all the regional health enterprises, says interim executive director Anita Tunold.

– the Signals we have received so far is that it can be appropriate for them to use us more, given that they are even reducing the number of planned operations as part of its koronaberedskap, ” she says.

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