Prigogine said that after his words “trailer” Sergey Shnurov, he began to send “curses and shit”.

And he just wanted to stand up for those colleagues who are now in poverty due to the lack of earnings.

According to the producer, he wouldn’t have to join the fray with the musician, if he is not hurt and his wife, singer Valeria.

“It made me cling, cling. Why should I suffer? Honestly, I always hate it when people hurt someone in the family”, – quotes Prigogine NTV.

Prigogine also admitted that she had sent obscene SMS Shnurova. According to him, he did it because could not get through and speak directly

Also, the producer said that the wife does not support his “military action” against Shnurov. But he, though Valerie and respects, will do as it sees fit.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Prigogine Shnurova sent SMS with threats. And Cords published these messages on his page in Instagram.