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As island municipalities have Værøy, Røst and Træna an advantage when the whole of Norway are now fighting to avoid the spread of koronaviruset . They are naturally isolated without road access to the mainland.

On the idyllic Værøy goes this year’s winter fishing for cod at the end. Apart from closed schools and kindergartens, are mostly as before koronakrisen.

But the municipality also has Norway’s perhaps most karanteneregler, with the 14-day quarantine for all who come to the municipality.

We are closed for people who don’t have a sense of belonging here, but otherwise it is good to see out of the window. The fish on the racks, the boats come to shore, and trailers running in and out with the fish. Seen this way, the situation is normal, ” says Værøy-mayor Susan Berg Kristiansen (H).

But the natural insulation also makes the sparsely populated island communities vulnerable.

Why has the county governors of Nordland, Tom Cato Karlsen asked the municipalities to make plans also for the worst possible outcomes, if the contagion spreads.

the county governors of Nordland, Tom Cato Karlsen ask island municipalities to plan for the worst possible outcome, until koronasituasjonen is under control.

Photo: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

– do you Get, for example, infections among 25 to 40 per cent of the population, and infections among health professionals and political and administrative leadership, as can the community in many ways, the collapse in a period of time. Then it is important to think about what we do.

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the County has had several meetings with the three islands in Nordland, to make plans for all possible outcomes if the infection spreads. A possible consequence of the virus outbreak can be masseevakuering.

– Now I do historical subject or scare anyone. But it is important for municipalities to plan for the worst. How are you going to evacuate? It is the discussion we have had with the municipalities, ” says Karlsen.

Værøy-the mayor looks towards the mainland to Bodo for the help, if the situation should require it. Currently it has no been proven infection here, but more than thirty persons are in quarantine.

Susan Berg Kristiansen (H) is the mayor of Værøy. The municipality has some of the strictest karantenereglene in the country, to prevent the spread of koronavirus.

Photo: Private

We have set aside a department at the nursing home, where we will be able to isolate those who become sick. Evacuation will be a challenge for us. It can stop by itself due to weather or capacity. We are dependent on transport by boat, ferry or in the air.

This helicopter type will carry koronasmittede patients – Frightening

In the Træna on Helgelandskysten 33 miles out to sea is also more citizens are put in quarantine, but none have been proven infection. Mayor Jan Helge Andersen (Ap) has yet realised that they can quickly end up in a difficult situation.

– We’re a little bit in our own glassboble out here, and see the great disorders of the world. It goes suddenly up for you that it can be to talk about evacuating large parts of the municipality. When you get chills down your spine. We hope we don’t get it across the fjord.

On Trænas only nursing home there is created a separate room where people with the infection can be isolated. Now add the municipality also plans for masseevakuering, should it be necessary.

– Yes, the good question is who will have us. It must be a municipality that can accommodate 200 to 400 people. Or if we get a ship that can assist us, either by the Defence or Coastal, and that you move some of the citizens into the ships. But we haven’t quite landed on the plan yet.

the Municipalities flout Høies prayer – answers, to expand the “søringkarantene” Will not modify “søringkarantenen”

Selvær is one of the inhabited islands of Træna municipality. If you’re here now, you run the risk of being placed in quarantine for 14 days.

Photo: Helge Lyngmoe / NRK

The municipality practice, like other municipalities in Northern Norway strict karanteneregler for people who have been outside the region, or the region.

– It is not appropriate to dump on karantenereglene with us. No, we do not look for us there, ” says Andersen.

Sunday, health minister Bent on High and dissuaded all the Norwegian municipalities to run their own race with strict, local koronaregler. While the invitation currently has had little effect , to the question of whether karanteneregler up to the political treatment in Værøy.

I will not anticipate anything, but we will be able to treat this politically in the course of tomorrow. Then we need to take the height of the wizard that came from the government. We are now waiting for input from the business community, and will also listen to the professional advice from kommunelegen, ” says Kristiansen.

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