Pandemic coronavirus not only utterly exacerbated relations between China and the United States, but completely ruined the relationship of the United States with the world health organization. It seemed that the conflict reached its peak when Donald trump announced the US withdrawal from the who. However, on Tuesday, July 21, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in a private conversation with British politicians made a loud statement: the head of the who Tedros of Gebreyesus was bribed by China, and that is why he followed the Chinese agenda, even when the risk of a pandemic became apparent to all.

this week Mike Pompeo went on a working visit to Britain, where he met with members of the British Parliament and talked with the Ministers in the government of Johnson. The Republican party of the United States and the British “tories” are very friendly historically, because the conversation was very Frank and sometimes even sensational.

according to British politicians, Pompeo said that US intelligence reported that Dr. Gebreyes had been “bought by the Chinese government”, and even before he became the head of the organization.

“the election was concluded, and when it came to real problems, the British died because of this transaction, which was concluded between China and the head of who,” said Pompeo.

Pompeo said: “When it came to important decisions when it really mattered for us, when China was pandemic, Dr. Tedros, which was bought by the Chinese government – and I can’t say more, but I can tell you what they say is based on proven intelligence – acted in the interests of China”.

Further, the Secretary of state said that the who is “political, not a scientific organization”, but did not provide real evidence in support of his statement that China “bought” the current who Director-General Dr. Gebreyes.

a spokesman for the world health organization has denied the charges: “who does not know about any public statement Pompeo, but we strongly reject any attack ad hominem and unfounded accusations. The who urges countries to continue to pay close attention to the pandemic that leads to a tragic human toll and suffering.”

Pompeo visited the UK after the government of Boris Johnson last week announced that it will remove the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei from the British 5G networks by 2027, amid concerns about potential risks to national security.

It was tough U.S. sanctions against Huawei brought to the fact that the UK government changed its position in relation to the company, although the British had previously agreed to allow the firm to build a 5G network.

Pompeo on Tuesday held meetings with Prime Minister Johnson and Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Dominique Raab. His visit is also seen as an American attempt to persuade Britain and other European allies to take a tougher stance toward Beijing amid global outrage at the violations of human rights both in Hong Kong and against the Uighurs.

in addition, the United States of America hope that the output from the who will become a trend – it is no secret the US plans to create an alternative health organization is who.

meanwhile, the U.S. government decided to quickly close the Chinese Consulate in Houston. Chinese diplomats have burn secret documents, and in Beijing promise to answer American this frankly unfriendly step.