Poll: the British demand to postpone Brexit

the Study, conducted by the sociological service Focaldata showed that 64% of respondents approve the extension of the transit period out of the EU, in order to enable the government focus on the fight against the epidemic. Another 36% supported the withdrawal from Europe in time to 31 December 2020. The lion’s share of support for the extension of the transition period expressed by the voters of the labour party (84%) and liberal Democrats (83%). It is noteworthy that nearly half (44%) supporters of the conservative party and 19% of supporters of the party Brekzita likewise supported the extension of the deadline from the European Union.

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it was also Found that Britons expect the government to take decisions on the preservation of the country in the early warning system and response of the EU (EWRS). Downing street and the Ministry of health already had the debate on this issue in the Wake of the outbreak of coronavirus. Health Minister Matt Hancock insisted on keeping Britain after leaving the EU membership of the EWRS. The Prime Minister rejected the proposal, despite the fact that 65 percent of Brits were in favour of continued membership of their country in EWRS.

the Leading physicians of the country are seriously concerned that the gap with EWRS, designed to exchange in the framework of the EU information and assessing the risk of disease, will place the health of British citizens at risk. At the time, this European institution has played a positive role in the epidemic of the virus SARS.

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because Of all these discrepancies and inconsistencies in the expert circles of Britain there are growing doubts about the ability of the government to win the battle simultaneously on two fronts. “The country is simply not able to withstand two storms hitting at the same time,” – said the head of the public charity organization “Hope not hate” Nick Lawlis.

the Deputy of Parliament from the labour party Ian Murray is convinced that in today’s circumstances, the government must seek EC on the extension of the transit period to concentrate all forces on the fight against the epidemic. Failure to pause Brexit, the leadership of Scotland and Wales are considered “economic and social mutilation”.