One person is injured after a shooting incident around Gadelandet in Husum on Friday night.

The state Police early Saturday morning.

“We have found a number of spent casings on the ground,” says vagtchef Henrik Stormer.

“There is still some technical studies, and we are still working out there,” he adds.

on Saturday morning, the police have no one detained.

Previously, there was doubt whether there was any fired shot or not on the spot.

Friday’s shootings in Husum is the fourth shooting incident in and around Copenhagen in about a week.

on Thursday last week there were two shootouts in different locations in Frederiksberg.

At 13.36, police were alerted about a shooting on the Eversvej, and at 21.16 was shot on Vodroffsvej.

Both were shot through the windows on the residential buildings. No persons were hit during the two episodes.

“We can’t say whether there is a correlation, but we are working of course on the basis that it is a possibility. It is fortunately not common, there are two shootings on the same day in Copenhagen,” said vicepolitiinspektør Knud Hvass after the shootings in copenhagen.

on Friday evening last week was a 36-year-old foreign man, a seemingly random victim of a shooting in Greve, south of Copenhagen. He was hit by a shot in the thigh.

After skudepisoden fled several people in a black Audi, there are about a quarter of an hour later was found burning on the Klausdalsbrovej in Herlev.

the Police will not exclude the possibility that skudepisoderne in Frederiksberg, and Count is banderelaterede.

So far, Therefore have been informed, there is as yet no arrested in connection with the shootings.