The majority of people stuck to the rules, and showed understanding.

The police were called on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to about 200 inserts and punished just under adversity 60 order. There are cases, such as the non-compliance of the minimum were to stand in the public space staff but also private parties in apartments, and garden parties.

Due to a loud Party in an apartment in Schwachhausen, the police was alerted in the night to Easter Sunday. In the hallway, several people were not able to be encountered, who were there resident, and appear to be of the Party came. The group was to the police non-cooperative. It is the identity of the Parties and of the apartment have been taken the borrower and the administrative offences made Ads against eight victims.

On a small garden plot in Gröpelingen, a family celebration took place on Easter Sunday with a total of 37 persons. Those present were against the use of forces, first of all, unapologetic. It was laughed, and said that continues to be grilled should be. The police said the place references, and customized odds corresponding to the order Display.

In Walle built was on the evening of Easter Sunday before a multi-family house, a group of seats with six chairs. The minimum was not assured. In the case of receipt of an alert Patrol, three people quickly ran into the house. The remaining persons were against the intervening police officers is not reasonable and insulted by this. The meeting was dissolved, the infringements punished. In the course of the night, it came against the 3 o’clock again to a police operation at this address. It had now come to a body of injury to the detriment of a 22-Year-old. The attacker accused his 22-year-old neighbor, called the police and for the resolution of the “evening Party” was responsible. Against the 34-year-old suspects under investigation for the body were introduced a violation. This self-justice is also in times of Corona-crisis. The police depend on tips from the public. It is to protect the people.

the behavior of the people towards the police forces was to be measured, in spite of these individual cases, in principle, as a positive. The majority acted with an understanding and empathic and showed angesprochenem misconduct is obvious.

The police appealed further, but Please stick to the measures in the sense of the regulation, do not bind unnecessary police force. If you can stay home, then do that too. It’s up to each individual.

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