On the section between km 10 and km 10,5 were caused by unknown perpetrators damaged the signs.

in addition to the dismantling and theft of the archway marking plaques of the trees were torn and stolen. Several signposts have been removed and, ultimately, of other is appropriate to suggest a different routing.

in Addition, it was in the height of the view point Trassem, between kilometres 1 and 2, a stainless steel pole with sign along with concrete anchor from the floor torn, damaged and stored.

This damage/ thefts were in at the time of the space between 05. April 2020, and 07. April 2020 committed. Came to similar deeds it already in September 2019 and October 2019.

For information leading to the elucidation of the fact as well as to detect the Perpetrators, was Trassem by the “Active village community is” a reward in the amount of 300 EUR will be provided.

About the award and, if applicable, distribution of reward to Eligible is decided, to the exclusion of the jurisdiction of a court.

The reward is intended solely for individuals and not for civil servants or civil servants whose professional duties in the prosecution of criminal offences. Also the injured people are excluded immediately due to the fact.

the Possible witnesses are inspection are asked to contact the police to report Saarburg (06581-9155-0).

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