Private motorcycle tours are not currently prohibited in the state of Hesse. Basically, you can also take a co-driver or a passenger, without the need for a penalty to be feared. As soon as the motorcycle riders and motorcycle dismount rider of your motorcycle at a gas station or in a Parking lot – you need to keep to the spacing rules of 1.5 metres (preferably 2 meters) to the other Person. Bikers and gas station conversations with a third party you should to minimize the risk of infection under.

The Regional services of the Police of the Taunus and the Rheingau-Taunus are the directorates with the beginning of the motorcycle season together strengthened and will take control of the Easter weekend on popular routes, such as, for example, around the Feldberg, in the Aar – and Wispertal, or the B-275 in the area of Waldems and on the traffic safety of the machine pay attention. Also, officials will come from the Central service of the police Presidium of the West of Hesse, used. Many police bikes have to be recorded on video technology, with the help of, for example, speed violations, proof, and the court.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the Hesse state government approved the regulations may not regulate all the Details and each case of the day-to-day life. Rather, they should serve as a guideline for the population and the authorities, as we together can help to break chains of Infection and to protect all of us. It’s the question everyone should ask is: Is trip a Motorcycle due to the current situation is absolutely necessary and, if so, you can not drive alone. In addition, it is more than ever careful. Because the probability of injured in an accident, is among motorcyclists is much greater, and our hospitals in the state of Hesse already have a busy schedule today.

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