Copenhagen is Ranked the Police need the citizens ‘ help.

Indbrudsgruppen in the range head namely, after two suspected burglars, which has raged over most of the copenhagen Perform.

Both men are suspected of having committed burglary in among other things, High-Taastrup, copenhagen, Brøndby and Hvidovre.

It informs, Copenhagen is Ranked the Police in a press release.

the Police also says that they know the identity of the one suspect – ‘A’.

He is a 33-year-old eastern european man who is suspected of at least eight burglaries in the Area, as well as for several burglaries in the north of Zealand.

“We’ve been looking after him and his mate in a period – and now we have assessed that we need the public’s help to determine where he is hiding between the many burglaries he is suspected of,” says the head of the Indbrudsgruppen, superintendent Tue Lauenblad.

‘A’ is described as: tall, plain building, white in skin, of european appearance, medium dark hair, blue eyes and a mustache.

In the picture he has a dark cap on, dark jacket, dark pants, dark shoes with a white edge, just like he wears on a black bag with white stafferinger.

‘B’ is described as between 25 and 30 years, 185-190 cm tall, plain building and european appearance.

In the picture he is wearing the gray/blue tophue, black jacket with four front pockets, blue jeans and dark shoes.

Have you any knowledge of the two men’s whereabouts or other information in the case, you can contact Copenhagen is Ranked the Police the police on the telephone 43 86 14 48.