The Ran sports program broadcast an NFL game from the studio in Unterföhring for the last time. The Super Bowl will be the last game before the TV rights switch to RTL. In the “Quarterback-Sneak” podcast, Jan Stecker reveals how emotional the farewell is and when there are “endless tears”.

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An era comes to an end. At the end of the NFL season, “ranFootball” will also come to an end. ProSieben’s last studio production took place in Unterföhring last weekend. It also got emotional, commentator Jan Stecker reveals in his podcast “Quarterback Sneak”.

“We were all really sad. We knew it would be the ‘last dance’ in the studio. And it was actually those who had accompanied us for years, behind the camera, on the sound, in direction and in the editorial department,” he says. During the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the commentator was able to suppress the feelings But “when it was over, it was sad.”

“You say goodbye and many of them you never see again. That was something special after ten years. They have almost always remained the same. It really was the same squad we started with,” said Stecker.

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But Ran’s team still has one game left. The Super Bowl is coming! ProSieben will produce the broadcast live from Phoenix, Arizona. That will really be the “last dance” before the TV rights switch to RTL. “We’re going to have a great week there,” says Stecker. “Most of them are still hanging on Monday (after the Super Bowl) and then we can have a nice graduation ceremony with everyone. Then there will be endless tears. I’m sure.”

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles face off in the Super Bowl. You can also hear a first preview of the game in the current episode of “Quarterback Sneak”. In the coming weeks, connector and FOCUS online editor Dominik Rosing will then broadcast a detailed preview of the game live from Glendale.

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