I have also made the statue of Oddvar Abrupt. Then I got a sudden telephone call that Sudden had a broken stake, ” says sculptor and artist Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik.

In the studio their in Oslo is the artist in the process of making a two-meter-high figure of Petter Northug.

Skiløperen is so far only in leireform on a small scale, but the ambitions of the statue is great.

We make him first in bronze, then we’ll see if we should forsølve him, or make him in gold, ” says Skjølsvik.

Artist Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik is about to knead together a small edition of the Petter Northug in the clay. Plana are that it should be a template for a two-meter-high statue in bronze or gold.

Photo: Per Magne Valley

Right now speculating the artist most on whether Northug will have stakes in the air, or whether they should be made firm and pointing downwards, so that they do not so easily disappear, such as Oddvar Abrupt.

I’m also considering whether he should have glasses or not, ” says Skjølsvik.

Working with Northug their proportions

Meanwhile Oddvar Abrupt is relatively safe on the shelf in the village Hølonda, and have been repaired skistaven, there is still a little unclear where Northug will go.

Petter Northug in the known framoverlent style. Here from 15 km in Falun in 2015.

Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

What is clear, is that the interest for the project is great.

the Studio has put out a private video on Facebook that shows some of the work the artist has to find out by Northug their proportions.

Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik stock sculpture of Petter Northug at the gallery TBS in Oslo. Video: Per Magne Reference. You need javascript to see the video.

Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik stock sculpture of Petter Northug at the gallery TBS in Oslo. Video: Per Magne Reference.

“We have received very many views on Facebook, and it is absolutely outstanding that people are so interested in this work,” says Skjølsvik.

Even comments on Petter Northug video, like this:

Photo: Screenshot

Skjølsvik believe the mind to Northug is very, and that his nose is like a big ski jump. Now looking forward, he to get skiløperen personal in the house. But first Northug out of quarantine.

I’m really looking forward to start properly with the work. I’m starting with his head, but Northug has been in Russia, and must first be done with the quarantine. Then I can really start to see him up close, ” says Skjølsvik.

Petter Northug has given Norway many great sporting moments. Here from medaljeseremoni.

A brilliant idea,

Sportskommentator in NRK, Ole Kristian Stoltenberg, believes that it to get Petter Northug on the shelf is a brilliant idea.

– We love our skihelter, and also one of our largest and most popular skiers in history. The only drawback with a statue is that it’s a little too silent in relation to the Petter itself, says Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg drag up the great importance Northug has had for the team sport, and perhaps sports in its entirety, with the major accomplishments Northug has given us through a half decades.

To have been among the other 13 world CHAMPIONSHIP gold medals, two OLYMPIC gold medals and two sammenlagtseire in the world cup.

Sportkommentator in NRK, Ole Kristian Stoltenberg (t.v), thinks that a statue of Petter Northug is a brilliant idea, and that Northug is a real skihelt. (To right: Petter Skinstad.)

Photo: Jørund Wessel Carlsen / NRK

– the Dialogue comes the closer than gullene, even though he had so many medals. He has done the big things for us. Northug has been in the driver’s seat for the entire langrennsverden and maybe Norwegian sportsverden. He is a proper skihelt, ” says Stoltenberg.

Petter Northug has even emphasized that there is one thing that has always been in the back of his through all these years, and that is that it’s about winning skirenn.

Has made both Riise and Solskjær

the Artist in Oslo has long experience with the sportsmen. Skjølsvik is among other things known for the statue of Ingrid Kristiansen outside Oslo Idrettshøyskole and John Arne Riise are unveiled in Ålesund. In addition to the adornments on Aker brygge, with sculptures of horses.

Donald Trump and Ole Gunnar Solskjær has also been to the statues.

Sculpture by the jewish girl Cicci Klein in the park at the science Museum in Trondheim is also one of the Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik their works.

Photo: Ole Kr. Tangen

It has not succeeded NRK to get a comment by Petter Northug himself.