according to the organizers of the tour, Irkutsk musical theatre of the St. Petersburg musical Comedy theatre links not only a professional love for the genres of operetta and musical. The leading soloist of the Irkutsk theatre – people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Yakovlev almost ten years he is an invited soloist of the Theatre of musical Comedy. For the role of Prince in Lehar operetta “the Count of Luxembourg”, performed in the Northern capital, the artist was awarded the Highest theatrical award of St. Petersburg “Golden Sofit” in the nomination “Best male part in operetta/musical”.

– the circumstances are forced to develop new forms of interaction with the audience. For all of us it is a challenge to stay interesting to our viewers without the ability to invite them into the hall and give them a live theater. It’s great that my colleagues and I managed to find a way to support each other in this difficult situation. We are very grateful to the Saint Petersburg theatre of musical Comedy for the opportunity to present our performances to the attention of his discerning public, – has addressed to the Petersburg spectators Director of Irkutsk theatre Tatyana Mezentseva. – And to strengthen the presence effect, we invite the audience to take a little walk in our theater with a virtual 3D tour. Welcome to Irkutsk musical theater.

– Without an audience, no burning eyes, no one with the artists breathing of the audience the present the theatre is impossible, – said General Director theatre of musical Comedy Yuri Schwarzkopf. Welcoming new viewers of Irkutsk, he expressed hope that the meeting of the St. Petersburg artists and people in traditional format will be.

performed by St. Petersburg artists, the audience and the Irkutsk region will see the musical Comedy “Hollywood diva” on the music of Austrian composer Ralph Benatzky, the mystery “White.Petersburg” directed by Gennady Trostyanetsky to music by Georgy Firtich, operetta by Franz lehár the Count of Luxembourg, as well as concerts: “lehár gala”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Hungarian composer Franz lehár, and “Returning to life” in which artists pay tribute to their colleagues who worked during the siege of Leningrad.

Irkutsk theatre will present the musical “the Secret of her youth” to the music of Vladimir Baskin, the music drama “Caesar and Cleopatra” and the musical Comedy “Ladies ‘ tailor” of composer Alexander Zhurbin, musical-plastic performance “Anna and the Admiral. Love story” and modern Opera of “Two Queens” of composer Anton Svetlichny (last play was in the long list of the contest “Golden mask” of the season 2017/2018).

the Performances of the Irkutsk music theatre. N. M. Zagursky

the Official Youtube channel of the theater

Stream of the performances will start at 18.00 Moscow inbelts, at 23: 00 on Irkutsk time, the link will be viewable the day.

Virtual 3D tour

may 26 – a mystical musical “the Secret of her youth.”

may 28 the musical drama “Caesar and Cleopatra”

may 30 – music and dance performance “Anne and the Admiral. Love story” (dedicated to Alexander Kolchak and Anna timireeva to)

June 1 the musical Comedy “Ladies ‘ tailor”

June 3 – the contemporary Opera “Two Queens” (center of the play the life and struggle of two great women – Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth I, Queen of England)

the Performances of the St. Petersburg theatre of musical Comedy

the Official Youtube channel of the theater

Stream of the performances will begin at 14.00 Moscow time at 19: 00 on Irkutsk time, the link will be viewable the day.

may 25 the musical Comedy “Hollywood diva”

27 may mystery “White. Petersburg”

29 may – concert “back to life” (scenes and musical numbers from the military repertoire of the theatre)

June 2 – the operetta “Count Luxemburg”

June 4 concert “lehár gala”