Pension Fund explained how to remotely extend a payment

It is primarily on pensions and monthly payments from the parent capital.

So, recipients of pension for loss of breadwinner, who is 18 years old, in the coming months will not need to contact the Pension Fund to confirm the fact of training and thus to extend the payments. Territorial bodies of the FIU will decide on the continued payment of a pension to students of communication from educational institutions.

Photo: iStock Social and state pensions increased by 6.1 per cent

a Similar procedure applies in the case of payment of pensions by proxy. By law, the pensioner once a year will have to personally attest to the receipt of payments by contacting customer service of the Pension Fund or the delivery organisation, for example, in the Bank. Until July the receipt of a pension will be assumed by default, and means the retiree will continue to be even after the payment period.

Families who receive monthly payment from the parent capital also is not necessary to contact the Pension Fund to confirm the income and, accordingly, eligible for this support measure. Payments will be automatically extended until October 1, 2020.

in addition, an automatic renewal payments will be implemented for recipients of social pensions, which have no place of residence on the territory of Russia. A pension to such individuals shall be appointed subject to personal statements confirming the actual place of residence. In a further statement it is necessary to submit once a year, in order not to lose the right to payment. But while personal presence is not required.