Paul Will exhausted and has long lost its Comedy talent. This convinced the author of the YouTube show “Class of people” and screenwriter of the project TNT Denis is a Stranger.

“Ruin” the star’s performance to large halls, says Alien: the Will it would be better to speak not in front of a thousand spectators, and in front of a hundred to be able at least to see. My impressions from the concert Will in “Crocus city Hall” the writer shared on the YouTube show “Talking heads”. He told me how he was disappointed with the concert of the comedian, to which they with the wife were given two tickets at work.

“We came, we were seated on the balcony. Paul looked like a grain of rice, that was not funny! We sat for 25 minutes. Olya already at that time played on the phone. And we went back home,” said the Stranger.

The show’s host supported interlocutor, saying that he, too, would not pay for the performance of the will of €40. To which the writer replied that it is not necessary to overpay for something just to look at the comic. He added that he was not happy with the work of Alexander Nezlobin, who once used his material in his speech.

Earlier reported that the actor and showman Pavel Volya entered the list of figures, illustrating the materials for the meeting at the presidential draft law about education of Russian schoolchildren.