Patrushev reported on new attempts to transfer terrorists to Russia

According to Patrushev, the threat of terrorism continues to exist, and it is caused by the activity of international terrorist organizations that operate in Russia through clandestine “sleeper cells”. The emissaries of terrorists continue to actively raise money for their activities.

Photo: TSOs FSB of the Russian Federation/TASS In Crimea detained mercenaries of the Syrian terrorists

According to the Prosecutor General, last year in the whole country has seen an increase in crime associated with the decline, recruitment, financing and promotion of terrorism. Her greatest leap recorded in the Urals Federal district.

So, last week, in the Surgut district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug prevented a terrorist attack, which was prepared by three local residents – members of the banned in Russia international terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate”. At the same time, as noted by Secretary of the security Council, thanks to the hard work of intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the Urals in 2019 prevented five attacks, suppressed the activity of six terrorist cells, arrested more than 50 people linked to terrorism, but also identifies five radical Islamist group of the Salafi trend.

Photo: FSB/RIA Novosti Detention of the FSB terrorists in Krasnodar was caught on video

Active recruitment of new members of international terrorist organizations is through the Internet, said Patrushev. According to him, last year alone, suppressed the dissemination of propaganda material of a terrorist nature, located on 135 thousand Internet pages. It’s almost two times more than in 2018.