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Attempts to transfer to Russia the participants of the international terrorist organizations who have received combat experience in the composition of the armed groups in Syria and Iraq. This was stated by security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev
In Murmansk is liquidated, the member of the banned terrorist group, who was going to organize a terrorist attack. None of the operational staff and civilians were not injured
In Crimea, detained two natives of Central Asia who were going to travel to Syria to participate in the activities of international terrorist organizations. The suspects - professed radical Islamic ideas
Detention in Krasnodar by FSB special forces of a local resident, who planned to commit a terrorist attack, was caught on video. The footage shows how security forces leave the room and rolled a flash-Bang grenade man
In Krasnodar, the FSB prevented a major terrorist attack. Arrested 27-year-old Russian, he seized an explosive device that he intended to undermine in a public place, and also found the correspondence with the members of the banned terrorist organization
The office Alexander Bastrykin announced the end of the case of Michael Ustyantseva, who commanded a division in the Russian Federation banned the group "AUM Shinrikyo". His case is directed the public Prosecutor to decide on the approval of the indictment
The interior Ministry has published amendments to the state strategy of struggle against extremism. The main thing in them - the equating of the organization inconsistent marches and rallies in the preparation of terrorist acts
In the North Caucasus Federal district detained five people who were part of a terrorist organization. Criminal structure was established in 2013 on the territory of a penal colony in Kalmykia
One of the students detained by the FSB, was expelled from Sakhalin mountain College in September of last year. On 23 March he was arrested with weapons and records, the College planned the attack
FSB detained in the Sakhalin region of the two students who were going to stage a terrorist attack in one of the colleges in the region. Teens have seized a hunting rifle with ammunition, IEDs and industrial detonator
In the Baksan district of Kabardino-Balkaria during the RAID eliminated three militants. As reported in the National anti-terrorist Committee, they had discovered a ready to use explosive devices and components to them
In Ufa, investigators neutralized the criminal who planned to commit a terrorist act. When police attempt to stop the car, which was the gunman, he opened fire and was eliminated
The FSB has published a video of the detention of members of conspiratorial cells in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization "ISIS". The accomplices of the militants was identified in the regions
The FSB revealed in the Crimea, the Rostov oblast and Komi underground cell of the banned organization in the Russian Federation "IG". Under the guise of charity channel collected money for terrorist financing
Over the past decade has clearly identified a simple scheme: terrorism is a crime against the safety of everyone. No political and social problems can justify the killing of people
At the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo safely landed a passenger plane A320 from Vladivostok. The same anonymous messages in droves today are with other Russian airports.
The state Duma adopted the law on the possibility for the anti-terrorist fighters and their families to count on a lump sum. Payments will be granted regardless of the other compensations established by the legislation
Passenger liner A-320 was carrying out flight Moscow - Omsk, landed safely at the destination airport. Only when the plane gained altitude, I received an anonymous message about the mining side
In 2019 the Russian law enforcement officers prevented a terrorist attack 34, said the first Deputy head of the National antiterrorism Committee Igor Kulagin. According to him, the number of terrorist crimes in Russia over five years has decreased nine times
Last year in Russia have prevented the attack, 34, said at a briefing first Deputy head of the National antiterrorism Committee Igor Kulagin. Security forces also exposed 78 cells of banned organizations
20 years ago, in the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny was shot by a convoy of riot police from Moscow, Sergiev Posad. Killed 21 police officer. His point of view was presented by the widow of the commander of the detachment of Love Markelov in her written book, which was the result of her investigation
The FSB has published a video with investigative actions in the criminal case against two teenagers in Saratov. Students admitted in preparation of an attack on a school in the city
In Saratov employees of FSB have detained two teenagers. The students were going to attack the school, armed with a sawed-off hunting rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails

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