Culture the less suitable for a person, the further it departs from its beginnings in religion. This was the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill said in a sermon in the Church of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky in the same skete near Peredelkino on the day of memory ravnoapostolnogo Cyril and Methodius teachers of the Slavs.

"Culture only becomes fruitful when it lifts the human spirit. And culture, overthrows the spirit of the Dale, is terrible and destructive force. So help saints Cyril and Methodius to follow us and our Church, and our education system, and culture so as to strengthen spiritual life to the man towered over the animal world, to everything that is done on this field of battle, was aimed at the destruction of evil and began to strengthen the spirit and virtue", – said the Patriarch.

In the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), the day of memory of saints Cyril and Methodius is celebrated on may 24th (may 11, old style). To honor their memory goes back to the Church tradition which existed in Bulgaria in the X-XI centuries. In Russia at the state level, this day was first celebrated in 1863, the year of the Millennium of the creation of the Slavic alphabet, in the Soviet years it tried to resume, and in 1991 the festival was given a state status. On this day also has the name day of Patriarch Kirill.