The luxurious cruise ship the Zaandam is turned into a hell for the hundreds of american, australian and british passengers, who are locked in their rooms.

There is a corona virus aboard the cruise ship owned by Holland America Line.

Two people on board have tested positive for the corona virus, while many are suffering from flu-like symptoms, writes The Guardian.

the Ship’s captain, Jan Smith, said, according to the media, that the four persons on board died.

“Unfortunately four of our guests died – a last night, two yesterday and one a few days ago,” he says, and continues with a summary of the situation on board.

“We have continued to both guests and employees that report to the medical centre with symptoms. The situation becomes more challenging for each day that goes by.”

so far a total of 138 passengers and employees sought medical treatment on board.

And the situation seems to be exacerbated over the coming days.

while the passengers aboard are isolated in small rooms, getting the prospects to come into the port of worse and worse.

the Countries of south America are closing their ports for shipping in the attempt to reduce the spread of infection, and Panama have denied the cruise ship to sail through the panama canal. Thus are the prospects to try to get passengers ashore at Fort Lauderdale, Florida long.

Among the passengers are the canadian couple Anna Joiner of 59, and her ex-husband Chris Joiner.

Anna Joiner has contracted a cold, but she can not be tested for its symptoms.

The two have communicated with CBC News over the phone, and they implore the canadian authorities for help.

“We are losing hope of ever in the country. We need the canadian authorities to help us.”

There are a total of 1.243 passengers aboard the Zaandam, which is controlled by a crew of 586 persons.

Zaandam sailed from Chile 14. march.