Anna had so much stress, when she was in ‘Paradise Hotel’, that her body reacted on it.

Anna Seneca has been with us from the ‘Paradise Hotel’s beginning.

She has most recently been at war against Adrianna and she has at one time stood with one leg out of the hotel, but were allowed to remain, as Christopher checked voluntarily out.

Precisely why many of the participants of her as a strong player, and action, it seems also that ‘Paradise Hotel’-baben not let the game affect her mentally, even though both the game and the recording a reality program is mentally hard.

But on his Instagram profile Anna is open about the feelings she had while it all stood on.

“I had stress in Mexico, because it is something you are not prepared, all the time. You have no control over anything, and if there is anything I am, so is it the control freak. So it was very anxiety-provoking,” says ‘Paradise Hotel’-the participant in a story.

Actually affected by the unpredictability and all the events her so much that her body also reacted.

“I felt I had chronic stress down there, and I had not my period, when I was in Mexico,” she says.

This suggests that the stress disappeared when the filming ended.

Signs of depression

Anna has back in 2015, struggled with depression, which she previously told about.

Therefore, she knows when something is, as it should not be, and perhaps it is precisely for this reason that she is good to handle the emotions, when they are hard.

In the same way as she not only is the happy girl with a profit, which is the picture one gets of her by to see the ‘Paradise Hotel’, so the render she is not around and is happy each and every day at home in Denmark.

“For the time being, the brands I like very much the feelings I had at the time. Them have I feared so much, as I feel it is a taboo that the feelings return, when you have won over the depression once. I would like to share with you when I’m ready for it,” she says in one of his latest insta stories.

However, there is also a new and fine chapter, which has only just begun for Anna, when she along with Oliver has taken over their common new apartment.

They moved into the beginning of march and could finally leave Anna’s mother’s holiday home at the show gørlev.

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