How should the spring movement of several thousands of reindeer be conducted?

It is the question of the NVE now to take the position. On the one hand is reindriftsnæringa on the coast of Helgeland. On the other is Øyfjellet Wind.

the Company has received the go-ahead to build Norway’s largest wind farms on Øyfjellet in Vefsn. At the same time are required to take into account those who work with reindeer in the area.

the developer have to get to a coexistence. Not only while the island is being built, but also when it comes into operation. The government has decided.

The urgency of a clarification. Vårflyttinga must be completed before the reinkalvene are born around late april-mail.

Before the easter starts, it is expected that the AUTHORITY has taken its decision about the proposal the developer has put on the table, is good enough.

the Proposal is to stop the construction work in one to two days. It has reindriftsnæringa even said is impossible.

Now they receive support from the County. In a recent statement to the AUTHORITY they will turn firm that moving in one day is almost an impossible task.

the spring movement must be completed before calving starts.

Photo: Ole-Henrik Kappfjell – Must cancel all operation

John Kosmo explains. He is the ministry of agriculture and reindriftsdirektør in Nordland:

John Kosmo is the ministry of agriculture and reindriftsdirektør with the County governor in Nordland.

Photo: Ole Marius Rørstad / NRK

– Relocation must take place in several phases, ” he says.

– the District does not have infrastructure to move reindeer by ferry or car. Total relocation is also difficult as they lack the infrastructure and gjerdeanlegg to have collected the whole herd.

Many reindeer are not together with hovedflokken.

It must be time to move those also, says Kosmo.

the Conclusion is thus that there is only one solution. And it is to stop the operation of the plant the time it takes to move reinflokkene.

– Pressed on all sides

ministry of Petroleum and energy has pointed out that reindeer herding can use other their winter pastures in the anleggsfasen. That does not require moving past the construction site.

However, as simple is it not, according to the County.

In the so points out that their winter pastures is a limiting factor for Jillen-Njaarke reinbeitedistrikt. It is they who have reindeer here.

Even though the district has large areas, they, nevertheless, pushed on all sides of the various developments.

Here are the 72 wind turbines will be built in Vesterfjellene in Vefsn. They will get a height of 180 meters from the ground to the rotorspiss.

Photo: Eolus

– This is difficult, then the district must optimize the use of the vinterbeitene out from weather, wind and where there is pasture available, ” says John Kosmo at the County.

– It is the district that has the best knowledge about this, and it can not be planned several years in advance, ” he continues.

Conflict with long history

the Conflict between the developer and those who are opponent of the plans, have escalated over time.

Here are built road up to the Øyfjellet. The 72 wind turbines to provide renewable power to the aluminiumsprodusenten Alcoa.

Photo: Ole Christian Olsen / NRK

Øyfjellet Wind AS has already begun to build a anleggsvei. The lead up to the 55 sq km large mountain area to the west of the Town, where the turbines will be up.

Last week, it became known that the developer has ordered the 72 wind turbines from a German manufacturer.

the Contract has a value of more than two billion.

According to the plan, arriving at the first wind turbines Vefsn march next year. They are 180 metres high, and should provide for renewable energy to Alcoa.

Lawyer Johan Fredrik Remmen in the law firm Haavind.

Photo: haavind

Hjørnesteinsbesriften in Mosjøen produce energy-intensive aluminum, and stands without strømavtale from next year. The work produces the metal to the lids of close to half of all beer – and brusbokser in Europe, and has several hundred employees.

Vindkraften will be to secure important local jobs.

the Lawyer for the Øyfjellet Wind AS is Johan Fredrik Remmen from the firm Haavind. He confirms to NRK that they are in talks with the NVE.

He says further that so long as this dialogue is ongoing, they will not comment on the case.

– as far As we understand, taken the view to take a decision in the course of this week.

HERE COMES NORWAY’s LARGEST VINDKRAFTPARK: Every fall and our move thousands of reindeer between summer and vinterbeitene in Øyfjell area of Vefsn in Nordland.

Photo: Ole-Henrik Kappfjell Has promoted more suggestions

How co-existence between the two different industries will take place in the future is still in the blue.

When the windmills are complete, the 12 mile long flyttleien that is used to move the reinflokkene between winter and sommerbeiter closed.

the developer has come up with a number of suggestions to get reineierne in the face.

Among other things, suggests that the move is still going through the windfarm. On the truck. Another solution is that the reindeer can be moved between the pasture with the ferry.

Also here is the County disagree.

– Traditional moving is probably the way that provides the least strain and stress for the reindeer, and thus is the best. From my knowledge it will hardly be possible to move past a plant area in full operation, says Kosmo.