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Covid-19, has now taken the life of the 25.529 people in the united STATES, according to Johns Hopkins University.

It corresponds to around a fifth of all koronadødsfall worldwide, which as of now is 124.196.

Thus, the united STATES has overtaken Italy, which was previously the epicenter of the koronadødsfall. There is 21.067 koronadødsfall so far recorded as died of the SARS-CoV-2.

Even though Italy and other countries such as Spain and Belgium have more deaths per number of inhabitants, the number of confirmed deaths has risen quickly in a short time in the united STATES.

One positive development is, at least, that the curve of the number of new infected in the united STATES seems to be on the way down.

New York city hardest hit

Most deaths are related to New York city. According to the New York Times has over 10,000 people in New York City lost their lives, because of koronaviruset.

the Number went up when the local health authorities on Tuesday added more than 3700 deaths, which has not been tested, but which still assume is caused by the virus.

Behind every death is a friend, a family member, a loved. We want to ensure that any newyorker who died because of covid-19 should be counted, ” said Dr. Oxiris Barbot in the us health authorities, according to Reuters.

Warns not to open the united STATES for the early

Koronapandemien has hit the Us economy hard. Around 16 million jobs have been lost as a result of the strict edicts such as social distancing.

President Donald Trump has was eager to get the economy started again, and hoped at first to ease the restrictions after easter, but now want to partially open the country again at the end of april.

Several smitteverneksperter, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, has warned against opening up the country too early, because they fear it will lead to a new smittebølge.

According to Fauci missing the united STATES both test and smittesporingsrutiner for that you can begin to open up for business.

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Tuesday to let researchers from the prestigious american university Harvard presented a model that says that it may be necessary with social distancing several times until 2022.

To shut down the community for two years can be hunched which must not hospitals in the united STATES should break together.

the Study, which is published in the journal Science, adds to the reason that koronaviruset can develop into a sesongvirus, which spreads most commonly in the winter months.

– In the absence of other treatments, it appears that it becomes necessary with several periods of social distancing, ” says one of the authors Stephen Kissler, according to AFP.

the Researchers say that if you develop a vaccine or a drug against SARS-CoV-2, one can ease the degree and how long one locks the community.

the Authors emphasize that the model is uncertain, not least because the researchers do not yet know to what extent patients who are fresh off the covid-19 in retrospect is immune to the new disease.

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