Ossetian opposition believed in the coronavirus after trip to hospital

In North Ossetia appeared immediately two members of the protest against the isolation that suddenly “reforged” and decided to condemn “the so-called people’s Assembly”. One of them decided to volunteer, and the other changed his mind after the tour of the hospital where they treat people with coronavirus.

In Vladikavkaz has declared the participant of the protests against the isolation which looked at how volunteers help the elderly in North Ossetia and found that people are not abandoned to their fate.

a Young man called nick Bairamukov, and he is still only a student, but is already helping to deliver humanitarian aid to residents of the Republic. However, the young man hid his face behind a medical mask. The other participants in the protest, which managed to talk the correspondent “MK”, say they and their friends have no idea who is this student, at the rally, they did not notice him.

In Vladikavkaz protested about 4 thousand people, so anything can happen. However, the only media nick Bairamukov in 2016 in Saratov won the primaries “United Russia”, in 2018 there also was head of the youth organisation “the Favourite city”, and in 2019 appeared in Vladikavkaz, where he became engaged in the improvement of streets. So he volunteers for a long time.

anyway, this is not the first to realize the danger of coronavirus and a high level of state support for a resident in North Ossetia, more recently, participated in the protests. The first was a man who did not want to introduce myself, but he said that during “the so-called people’s Assembly”, he met some staff members who offered to look at the conditions in which physicians work.

Opposition leader dressed in a protective suit, wearing a mask and sent to infected. In the hospital he spent about 20 minutes, and then said, now fully aware of the dangers of the pandemic and finds that the unauthorized rally was a mistake, as many people put their life in danger. What kind of clinic is not known. However, on the first and on the second case, “enlightenment” became known from the movies, walking on the Ossetian social networks.

“MK” has found out that Ossetian political scientist Igor Dulaev, how many more people will be able to convince this way:

– What a number of people could believe these videos, but overall, the protest sentiments, they are unlikely to have an impact. As the opposition movement is not structured and it has no leaders except for Vadim Cheldiev, the discontent of the people will go into a latent phase. At some period in the Republic the situation will calm down, but then again a splash, and even in large scale.

In General, these videos don’t need to forgeü dialogue with society, and for reporting to the Federal government. Regional officials need to show a flurry of activity to stabilize the situation.

However, the Republic has no resources to remove the discontent of the population, sent in isolation. Some media reported that authorities have distributed to 3 thousand rubles for the needy, which is either 50, or 150 families. But it is a drop in the sea.

the Economy of North Ossetia largely “gray”, that is, social benefits almost nobody gets. Even those who are officially working, they receive very low wages. In most families, the average income per person less than 17 thousand rubles.

people Have no money to remain in isolation, including running short of money for food. More than 60% of the population have no savings, the people of the region live from paycheck to paycheck. And economic opportunities in North Ossetia insufficient to compensate the costs associated with lack of income.

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