“leave The action a very bad feeling about this,” said Söder to the “picture on Sunday”. “Anyone who already has such a strong majority in Parliament, needs no additional special powers.”

Orban had let the Parliament with comprehensive powers of attorney give. He can rule in Hungary, now by decree and declared a state of emergency without the consent of the Parliament extend. “EU-countries with higher infection numbers do not make it,” said Söder. “Therefore, it is now the task of the EU Commission, to evaluate this thoroughly.”

criticism, also from the FDP: the EU must Orban limits show

The FDP, called on the European Union, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, because of the emergency law clear boundaries. “The heads of state and government of the EU are not allowed to watch Orban’s autocratic ambitions no longer stand by,” said the Deputy FDP Chairman Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, the German press Agency in Berlin. “You are not allowed to shrink back longer in front of the middle of the voting rights of withdrawal.”

The Federal government should take firm action to ensure that the Instrument of the rule of law process will finally be developed further, said the FDP’s foreign policy-making. “The disbursement of EU funds may in the future be done only in compliance with constitutional minimum standards.”

Lambsdorff: “The salami tactics is the”

“The salami tactic goes: in the Midst of Europe Orban to build Hungary into an authoritarian System. The disempowerment of the Parliament, only the last block to the same circuit of the judiciary, elimination of the media and Manipulation of the electoral law,” said Lambsdorff is. The FDP-man criticized that the counter-Hungary initiated the rule of law come process much too slow. It had finally to be led.

“That would be” Job: Green Baerbock shoots sharply against Altmaier, FOCUS Online/Wochit “That would actually be a Job”: Green Baerbock shoots sharply against Altmaier