COVID-19 can infect the eye and affect visual acuity, ophthalmologists consider. The new type of coronavirus can cause puffiness, eye muscle spasms, irregularities in the optic nerve, and inflammation of the retina. Who has already made damage to eyes in the list of the common symptoms COVID-19. How to protect your eyesight, says “Газета.Ru”.

Coronavirus infection can lead to vision loss, said ophthalmologist, expert of the state Duma Committee on health protection Tatyana Shilova radio station “Moscow speaking”.

the Medic said that COVID-19 is not the only infectious disease that causes vision problems. “We know the behavior of some viruses that affect not only the surface of the eye, but its inner structure, including penetrating the blood”, she explained.

the world health organization also made the defeat of the eye in the list of the common symptoms are talking about infection COVID-19. However, ophthalmologist, Professor, Oxford University’s Robert MacLaren said the publication of “bi-Bi-si” that a recent study conducted in Wuhan, China, showed that local patients with the coronavirus also started having problems with vision, reflected in edema and secretions from the eye.

“These symptoms are not just symptoms, they can seriously affect visual acuity, and affected people may even be encouraged to give up driving vehicles,” he said.

ophthalmologist Natalia Ivankov explained “Газете.Ru” that slimy eyes really is a favorable environment for coronavirus.

She added that due this PCR-tests (method of diagnosis of infections based on study of the genetic material of the patient, — “Газета.Ru”) can be taken directly from the mucous membrane of the eye.

“COVID-19 aiming at the bodies,”target”, if someone weak kidneys — in the kidneys, if the weak vessels begin to stroke. Same thing here — if there were problems with the eyes, then eventually the infection will result in ocular pathology,” said the medic.

According to Tatyana Shilova, coronavirus infection may result in eye redness, photophobia, and tearing and sharp pains — this lead to the defeat of the virus of the retina, choroid, and optic nerve. In addition, the patient may complain of blurred vision and various spots and sparks before the eyes, said the expert.

Ivankov in turn, reported that the most frequent ophthalmic manifestations COVID-19 are conjunctivitis and blepharitis (a disease that affects the eyelids and causes inflammation in their edges — “Газета.Ru”).

“because Of the coronavirus that causes the inflammation begins, and almost any��e inflammation leads to vision loss. This happens for various reasons. For example, the infection can cause swelling and changes in the structure of the lacrimal fluid and spasms of the eye muscles,” explained optometrist. However, she stressed that in this case, the visual acuity can be returned.

Changes in COVID-19 can occur in the fundus, said “Газете.Ru” ophthalmologist Tatiana Anfalova — however, while their relationship with the coronavirus not scientifically established.

At the same time, Tatiana Shilova noticed that the negative impact on eyes is having not only the coronavirus, but some drugs that treat this infection — in particular, we are talking about the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine, test-who had previously suspended due toxicity.

“It causes changes in the center of the retina, that is, violates the visual acuity and accommodation (ability to see at different distances, — “Газета.Ru”) may appear photophobia, long-term use — retinopathy (lesions of the internal membrane of the eye, — “Газета.Ru”)”, — said the doctor.

According to Tatiana Anfalova, the use of hydroxychloroquine before always took place under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. “Typically, this preparation gave a delayed defeat a few months after the standing reception,” said the medic.

At the same time, ophthalmologist of the Institute of eye diseases Sofia Ermakova reported “Газете.Ru” what is the effect of hydroxychloroquine is a rare phenomenon. “Also in addition to this agent in the treatment of patients with coronavirus apply antivirals and antibiotics, but they are, as we know exactly negatively on vision is not affected”, she added.

If a man has contracted coronavirus infection, to protect their eyes from the defeat can be turned to a competent optometrist, says Natalia Ivankov. “Professional will prescribe the correct customized treatment, to see what in the eye more viruses or bacteria,” she explained.

the Doctor said that in most of these cases will apply antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and increases local immunity therapy.

to protect your eyes already ill COVID-19 people, need proper nutrition and Smoking cessation, is convinced Tatiana Anfalova. “You should take the time and self-diagnosis of vision: to turn to check your eyes. When identifying the loss of vision, spots before the eyes, distortion of lines, narrowing of the visual fields immediately consult the doctor,” the doctor said in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru”.

in addition, for the prevention of ophthalmologists suggest in public places to not only wear masks and gloves, but also goggles. “If the virus gets into your eyes — that means he got in the entire body, because��in the eye is end vascular branch, and the infection is the bloodstream rapidly spreads throughout the body,” concluded Ivankov.