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A well-functioning smittevernplan is important for municipalities when something happens. Like the pandemic we are seeing now, ” says the county governors of Nordland, Tom Cato Karlsen.

Many island municipalities put in these days plans for masseevakuering if koronasmitte would spread. But Aftenposten writes that as many as every fifth Norwegian municipality missing or lacked a working smittevernplan a short time before the crisis made itself felt in Norway.

According to the Norwegian directorate of Health municipalities are required to have a plan for the protection against infectious diseases.

– It should have been revised upwards

the county governors of Nordland, Tom Cato Karlsen, commend the municipalities, and believes they have worked well for that korona-the pandemic occurred.

Photo: Benjamin Fredriksen / NRK

the Country’s Fylkesmenn have provided lists of the municipalities that are missing or have deficiencies in their smittevernplan.

the newspaper Aftenposten writes that the 252 municipalities had updated and well-functioning smittevernplan. 74 municipalities lacked a plan, or had a plan that was outdated or had to be followed up.

In Nordland lacked the 22 municipalities working smittevernplan. In Oslo, south of norway, Vestland, Vestfold and Telemark had all of the municipalities working plans.

One of the municipalities, which, according to Aftenposten’s overview lacked a well-functioning smittevernplan, Træna.

the Municipality with 435 inhabitants is located in excess of six miles outside the coast of Helgeland. On Træna, there is one doctor available.

the Mayor takes the lack of an updated smittevernplan seriously.

It is clear we do it. We have an old smittevernplan from around 2004, and it should have been revised upwards, ” says Jan Helge Andersen (Ap).

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Jan Helge Andersen, mayor of Træna, says they are working to scale up its smittevernplan.

Photo: Frank Nygård / NRK

Several of the smallest øykommunene in Nordland put in these days plans for what to do if large parts of the inhabitants are being infected by koronavirus.

One scenario is the evacuation of the entire island community. But, neither Værøy, Røst or day trips to nearby islands had, according to the dashboard from the county governors, which was implemented 31. January of this year, well-functioning smittevernplaner.

Værøy-chairpersons Susan Berg Kristiansen (H) says to NRK that the municipality submitted a revised smittevernplan already 4. February of this year.

Located in a smittevernplan is the record of inhabitants in the municipalities and a review of available people with helsebakgrunn. Træna is a vulnerable, small community in the ocean.

Nesna offers bunks if havfolket must evacuate One physician in the municipality of

– We have a small administration, and things take longer here than other places. We began work to revise our plan in the winter, and it worked hard with it still, ” says Andersen.

A smittevernplan is based on the local conditions. It is therefore kommunelegen in each municipality who have the responsibility to create plan and keep it updated.

The municipality has so far no suffering. It advises strict karantenekrav on the island, and all that comes in the boat is controlled.

– We manage ourselves even though the plan is out of date. But if 40 per cent of the population would be sick at the same time, it will be difficult no matter how good the plan we have.

the borough of Flakstad in the Lofoten islands are also among the municipalities in the overview without sufficient smittevernplan.

Photo: Johny Goerend/Unsplash – Have taken grip

the Regional Tom Cato Karlsen, says to NRK that the figures from the ministry of Health do not necessarily show the whole picture.

That some municipalities missing smittevernplan, is not satisfactory. However, the municipalities do a great job. And a little skinny smittevernplan may be sufficient if the municipality is small and manageable with few inhabitants.

Karlsen says that the result probably would have been different if you had a chance to get on the attention, and sit down and talk through the plans with the municipalities.

To Aftenposten says Fylkeslegen in Nordland, Morten Juul Sundnes, that the municipalities are working continuously to be the best equipped, and they have now taken grip.

– The cooperation both across the municipal borders and into the local health enterprises, ” he says to the newspaper.

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