Actor Gerard Butler has proven in the past that he can master even the most challenging fight scene. But in real life things are different: in an interview he admitted that some of the shoots are not without consequences for him.

Actor Gerard Butler has not only been a secret heartthrob for years, but also a real action hero in Hollywood. Whether in “300”, “Den of Thieves” or “The Bounty Hunter”: The 53-year-old always gives everything for his film roles – and also takes a lot of risks. In an interview with the teleschau agency, Butler now revealed that he had to suffer more than just injuries for his most recent role in the action film “Plane” (from Thursday, February 2nd in cinemas): “I have to honestly admit that I rarely leave the film set unharmed – whether it’s an action film or not. But on the set of ‘Plane’ it was particularly gross because I had a big fight scene that got high and dirty. I tore several muscles because we just kept going. I didn’t feel it at all during the fight because mentally I was so in there and I felt unbeatable and I didn’t think about anything else.”

Shaking his head, the actor added: “We shot the film a year and a half ago but I still have pain in my wrist. At times I could not move my wrist at all. At some point I asked myself: What am I doing all this for? But at the end of the day I always realize that all the injuries are worth it. I do it for the spectators and our crews.”

Gerard Butler not only had to push his physical limits for his current film role. Mentally, too, he had to fight some battles with himself. The otherwise tough guy openly admitted to teleschau that he suffered from a slight fear of flying: “I’ve definitely had a few very, very turbulent and bumpy flights. However, the worst experience I had was in a helicopter. I was trying to learn how to fly a helicopter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at it.”

The screen star continued: “When landing, the helicopter got out of control a few times. I made a wrong move and the helicopter started rotating just off the ground. It was scary and very dangerous.” A terrifying situation in which Gerard Butler feared for his life. No wonder that he finally made it clear in the teleschau conversation: “Meanwhile I have given up flying helicopters.”

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