The Olympiad ” Museums. Parks. Homesteads”, its participants can be preschoolers and students of grades 1-11. This is reported on the website of the Moscow Department of Education and Science.

” The contest will last until March 31. Students of grades 1-11, as well as preschoolers can take part in it. Registration for the Olympiad is open on the website. In order to correctly answer the questions of the Olympiad, you will need to carefully study the exposition of the museum, park or estate of the capital, ” the message says.

According to the coordinator of the Olympiad Maria Voitsyk, this year the participants are waiting for innovations. An optional task will be added that will help children remember the exposition and share their emotions with friends.

” After receiving the results, a reflexive task for this site will appear in your personal account. For example, you can draw a picture, write a letter or a poem, cook a meal, conduct an experiment, describe an exhibit, listen to music, make a video, and so on. If you wish, you can share what happened in social networks, noting our Olympiad and the museum. This way, more people, including museum employees, will see the creativity of schoolchildren. For the latter, getting feedback is especially valuable. After all, often the impressions of past excursions become known only to teachers. If students do not want publicity, then they can discuss their work only with friends or parents. There are no correct and incorrect answers in these tasks, and they will not be checked. The main thing is to make visiting museums more meaningful and memorable for children, ” said Maria Wojcik, whose words are given in the material.

The department emphasizes that the tasks of the Olympiad are aimed not at testing the knowledge of children, but at expanding their horizons. Olympiad ” Museums. Parks. Homesteads” has been held since 2013. Every year, more than 160 thousand Moscow schoolchildren become its participants.