The first program to the beloved programskaparen Oddgeir Bruaset went on the air in 2002. Until 2015 he made 72 program. The series is continued south in the Norwegian broadcasting corporation with Inherit Uglum as programme manager.

Had to cancel lectures

In the daily is Oddgeir Bruaset pensioner, but is not at latsida. Around 50 missions a year it has been, the vast majority tied to the popular suite. Koronautbrotet, however, have seen an effective stop.

– In these koronatidene it’s out of the question with such ready. But the day the authorities closed most of the time, I had four kanselleringar, says Bruaset.

Oddgeir Bruaset with the team was to create “Where no one would believe …”

Photo: Kristin Støylen – Use the time to unwind

Bruaset seen the good that the community has gone into a different gear. In the suite “Where no one would believe …” he met people who had chosen a different life by own will.

En are very many compelled to post about dagleglivet, and be at home.

Oddgeir Bruaset on the Far-Shot in Storfjorden in Sunnmøre.

Photo: NRK

– There are enough of them that in these days feel were shut up, caught in his own house. Maybe it would be a good idea to use the opportunity to distance himself from the watch, chased and stressed, and instead do something a want to do. Or simply set down and think and philosophize a bit over your life, says Bruaset.

On a request from NRK has Oddgeir Bruaset selected five program and have to write a small introduction to every single.

Bjørg Wiik at Kjeåsen (2002)

Kjeåsen inst inside the Hardanger is perhaps the place that is most spectacular of all the space we have made the application from. Bjørg Wiik now are 90, bur still there in sommarhalvåret. She came to where the young years to help an old aunt, but after that tanta was gone, was Bjørg abide. She had discovered that the Kjeåsen had values that were so valuable that she chose to be. No is Assistance in barndomsheimen their in Oslo during the winter, but every day have longed she turned back to the peace and freedom she found on the Kjeåsen. “Were I to choose again, I would have done the same”, she says, even though she know she gave up a family life with the option she took.

Where no one would believe that anybody could live You need javascript to see the video. Ingeborg and Stones in Gaundalen (2003)

Gaundalen is the most avsidesliggjande place, we have made a program from it. Before having people go three miles over the mountain to get to school, shop or post office in Snåsa. Six hours did the trip, each way. Steinar Gaundal, made life easier and the avstandane shorter by building power plants, bridges over the rivers, and an appropriate bone gravel road, which he referred to as the airport her. And after having bought a small plane was six hours long gangturen to Snåsa gird up to a kvarters walking. Mother Ingeborg was a tough lady who is far up in the åttiåra fresa around on ATVS in summer and snowmobile in the winter. She died a few years ago, well over ninety, and for a half a year back died also Stones, entirely unexpected. Thus stands fjellgarden empty again.

Where no one would believe that anybody could live You need javascript to see the video. Alma Jenssen on Revelsøya in Ballangen (2003)

Alma Jenssen lived on Revelsøya in Ballangen whole life. When she grew up, was Revelsøya a handelsstad, with a shop, post office and skipsekspedisjon. But at 50-the number move the trader, and soon went øybuarane after. Only Alma was left, and in 40 years she was einebuar on the island. Was she at the shop, was to cross the fjord in a small, open boat. But, in winter, could she be vêrfast in both two and three weeks in the process. The most important work was to fit a beacon, which was veglaust on the opposite side of the island. She kept it running until she had passed 80, and it was not age, but automatiseringa which meant that she had to stop. Alma died unexpected a winter day in 2008, a few days before she would have filled 89.

Where no one would believe that anybody could live You need javascript to see the video. Åsmund Mountains Kvipt at Kvipt (2003)

Es Fjellheim Kvipt lived on the roadless fjellgarden Kvipt in Telemark until he started at school. Then move the family down to Fyresdal. Skulevegen was too long. As a grown-up came to hunger, he returned, and he was with the family. He focused on the tourism, built the barn into a banquet hall, barn, on to the shop, where the couple sold kunsthandverk that they made during the winter. In the yard, have they raised beautiful telemarksstabbur, with four-poster beds to sleep in. A hard blow was when one son, Ari, was killed in a trafikkulukke in the middle of the teenage years. A year after the show the queen up, and after having tasted at lefsene invited she husfrua to the castle to bake for christmas. It lysna. No has yngstesonen Olaf taken over, and the parents have the move on the circumstances, but they help when necessary.

Where no one would believe that anybody could live You need javascript to see the video. Jon Skaar on Skåro (2007)

Jon Skaar lived on a avsidesliggjande farm deep in an arm of the Hardangerfjord. The only way that he had, was a steep krøtersti from the fjord and up in the yard, 330 m above sea level. Was it unsafe ice on the fjord, he was completely isolated. But it did nothing, he said, for he was not heimanfrå anyway. He took a trip in the year – to cut the hair and beard of a lady in Øystese, norway. But the man was not concerned only of himself and his, though he abode in the garden. He was knowledgeable, he was wise, and what he said was words to ponder. A young woman outside Oslo saw the program about him and was imprisoned. She contacted him, visited him, was with him during the christmas season, and they planned to celebrate the national day together. But so was Jon badly sick, and the day that they had agreed to meet, 16. in may 2013, he fell asleep.

Where no one would believe that anybody could live You need javascript to see the video.