The Corona-crisis is also an opportunity. The Chance to not only think, but on the other, the needy. Those who have something more than yourself.

Nuretin (47), and Sirvan Yagmur (39) belong to the people, the other worries. For the past six years, she operated the beauty salon “Yagmur cosmetics” in Mönchengladbach. The Couple offers hair removal, facial treatment, eyebrow shaping, and eyelash extensions for women.

Nuretin told: “Since the 10. March was going on in the Shop less and less. Not least because the dates of many customers have been repeatedly postponed. Now the Store is closed.“

there is No reason for the wife to complain: “In our business, ten boxes, each with 100 pieces of disposable hand store shoes, three times in 500 milliliters of disinfectant, 200 protective masks, and 200 patients dome. So we can’t do anything, because we need to have closed until Further notice. We would donate things like – to a hospital or whatever. And we hope that as many of beauty salons will follow our example.“

Quite simply, the economic Situation is not. Nuretin: “fortunately, we have to pay for the Salon rent. However, I have taken up loans for the cosmetic equipment. The need to continue to be supported. Because 500 euros every month. I hope that we will survive this crisis unscathed.“


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