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This is not people who are jealous ølinteresserte. This is the common man in the street who would like to support us, ” says piers Mikael Slettedal in the Proud Brewery to NRK.

Stjørdal municipality in Trøndelag has now given the little brewery on the allocation of home delivery of beer.

Utsalget online started Friday. Orders have poured in after the news was featured in local newspaper the Blade.

– most people wonder how much they are allowed to buy. They purchase just like a completely fold, ” says Slettedal, that seems the response has been absolutely phenomenal.

If it continues like this, it may be, he must employ a person to, when he currently is the only permanent employees at the brewery.

SMALL LOCAL BREWERY: Both home delivery and in the actual bryggerilokalene experience Slettedal great interest. Here fill bryggeren up a bottle of beer to one of the customers who come by.

Photo: Tea Eline Skarpjordet / NRK do not Get sold to the leisure industry now

The local håndverksbryggeriet usually get most of the revenue its by to deliver the drinks to the leisure industry.

It has now stopped because of koronakrisen and the strict measures.

Fear brutally korona-stool in the leisure industry

– We had lots of appointments, and it was very good times. So was the bom stop and we lost all we had of events, tells Slettedal, which opened up two years ago.

But when the brewery took contact with the municipality they got quickly to a solution, so that the brewery got the funding for home delivery of beer.

< p> the Municipality will support industries that are struggling

It is important to support the business, ” says Anne Mari Grønseth who is the case manager for the sales, dining, and skjenkebevillinger in Stjørdal municipality.

– the Industry is struggling to jo. Then, you to depend on to think a little again, ” explains Grønseth.

Such allocations are actually dealt with in a committee, but the municipality had delegated the authority down to the kommunaldirektøren so that it was easier to be able to take a quick decision.

A desperate situation in the industry

Brewery – and drikkevareforeningen tells us that it’s the smaller breweries that are being hardest hit now. For many, it is absolutely critical.

The vast majority have laid off their employees. We did a survey among our members, that shows that 7 out of 10 believe the situation is mission critical, ” says ms. Hege Ramseng to NRK.

ASKS the PEOPLE SUPPORT: Hege Ramseng in the Brewery – and drikkevareforeningen encourage people to support local food and drikkeprodusenter now.

Photo: Brewery – and drikkevareforeningen

Many of the small and medium-sized breweries receive over 70 per cent of the turnover from the nightlife. When sales fall away almost over night it can lead to a desperate situation for very many.

Ramseng believes it is the alpha and omega that one now shows support of the local food and drikkeprodusentene in Norway.

– Trøndelag is a unique county when it comes to this, and the municipalities of the county supports very up on local breweries and food producers, ” says Ramseng.

Several launches online store and home delivery

Uncertain times can lead to more create online store and delivery right to your door. Reins Kloster in the Inner Fosen produces ice and beer, and has now been spurred plans for the home delivery of goods.

Locally produced ice cream and beer on the door

– We hope that the people who are afraid can have some enjoyable in the home, forget the corona for a while and get the goods delivered at the door, ” says ølbrygger Michael Marlott in the Reins monastery, to the newspaper Fosna-the People.

Great loss

though Proud of the brewery experience a lot of positive support, Mikael Slettedal only delivered beer that has equal or lower alkoholstyrke that beer you buy in the store.

Slettedal experiencing a steady stream of customers. Bryggeren thrives best when it is busy.

Photo: Tea Eline Skarpjordet

This does not weigh up for the large loss the small company is now experiencing. Slettedal believes that a temporary sale of strong beer in the outlets to the various breweries had been a great help.

Had I could have sold the beer really is to the vinmonopolet, so I had suddenly regained much of the lost income.

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