The best known answer to the question “How much should I drink a day” is probably this recommendation: two to three liters. The specification is not really proven – and researchers have set a different rule.

Some experts agree that we shouldn’t think of the amount of water in litres, but rather in single sips. They recommend taking small sips of water throughout the day, whether you’re thirsty or not.

In addition, the experts recommend the following calculation:

You should drink 30 to 40 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight.

You can use this calculation method to work out how much water you should drink every day. Because especially when it comes to liquid and food intake, it is not so easy to make general statements because every body works differently.

An important note that is often forgotten or overlooked is the following: The recommended amount of water always includes the intake of water through food.

In addition to individual factors such as body weight, gender or fitness, other factors also influence the water requirement per day:

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