four days before the anniversary of the great Patriotic war Vladimir Putin published in the online edition of The National Interest a three-dimensional article about this most terrible war in modern history and what preceded it.

Usually the article signed overwhelmed by other concerns of policymakers is at best the fruit of team work. For example, about books, allegedly coming from the pen of the future US President Donald trump to say that he not only didn’t write them, but even they have not read.

I am Sure, however, that to the article, GDP is not the case. Too painful, emotionally charged and important is this theme — and personally Putin and the Russian state.

a great friend of Mine, a political scientist Abbas Gallyamov commented on in social networks, the article of the President of the Russian Federation: “the primary interest of Putin’s history was linked to a desire to exploit it for the benefit of the current policy. Lately he is becoming more and more a form of escapism, a way from this current policy to run”.

Most emphatically do not agree with this view of the situation. With a light hand of Karl Marx accepted that “being determines consciousness”. But the fact that we have a mind, is determined not only by what is happening to us at this particular point in time. It is still our history, past personal experience, personal experience of our ancestors, past economic, political and military experience of the whole country or even all over the world.

What happens when a person or even a whole nation is suddenly cut off from all this experience? In my native Kazakhstan there is a special term for this – mankurt. According to legend, during the many wars of the Kazakh khanate with the hostile tribes of Jungars in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries BC, the Dzungars were shaving prisoners heads and Kazakhs put on their bare skulls dried stomachs of cows. Have undergone such torture hair soon began to grow inside. They gradually erased the memory and they become obedient slaves of the Dzhungar — mankurts.

I do Not know is these legends on any real events or are a beautiful invention of the famous Soviet writer Chingiz Aitmatov, as some claim. But “mankurtization” memory about the Second world war in the last decade is, from my point of view, an undeniable fact.

In the public consciousness of America, Europe, the former Soviet Union and even Russia, are sequentially driven into an absolutely false thesis, which is the essence of his speech at Auschwitz this spring formulated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Supposedly, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union are equally responsible for the outbreak of the Second mworld war.

unfortunately, to oppose anything compelling about this thesis, we thus far been unable. In Russia populiariausia Zelensky and his colleagues the idea for obvious reasons only cause mass revulsion. But outside our borders, the situation looks quite different. Putin’s article is an attempt to find a way to rectify this situation. View that GDP has worked and what hasn’t.

let me Start with the fact that, from my point of view, it did not happen. This is how Putin spoke about the emergence in 1940 of the USSR, three new Union republics: “in the Autumn of 1939, the Soviet Union, in pursuit of their strategic military and defensive end, began the process of integration of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Their entry into the USSR was carried out on a contractual basis with the consent of the elected authorities of these States. This is fully consistent with international and state law of the time”.

regarding the first sentence of this quote questions and objections I have are not available. All the above is true. But regarding the two other proposals, questions and objections, opposite, mass.

Yes, from a formal point of view, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined the USSR “voluntarily”. But this was a forced and purely formal voluntariness — voluntariness, which is the result of extremely severe pressure from Moscow. So it is very ambiguous and appears to be Putin’s thesis about the incident full compliance “with international law”. Established by the time the international practices of the incident corresponded exactly. But whether in this context to talk specifically about “international law”? Not sure I’m willing to give this question an affirmative answer.

I Write these lines with pain, with the feeling that I’m forced to play someone elses “team” — and a “team” whose behavior is deeply repugnant to me. The modern political elite of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have invented many myths about the Second world war.

But the question is: do we have to counter these myths with myths or competing with the truth? I am a staunch supporter of the second approach. And I have to say: once again repeated by Putin in the article ancient Russian official position on incorporation into the USSR of the three Baltic republics is not sufficiently well thought out. And it hurts first ourselves. Nationalists in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have long learned the ambiguity of the Russian official position to their advantage. This opportunity, they must necessarily deprive.

And we need to prevent the substitution of a Frank and honest discussion about the causes of the Second world war, the superficial talk about the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”. And to achieve this Chapterobjective the objectives of Putin cannot be accused of any ambiguity: “All the leading countries to some extent are responsible for the outbreak (the beginning of the Second world war — the “MK”). Each of these countries made a fatal error, arrogantly assuming that can outwit the other, to ensure for themselves unilateral advantages and to stay away from the coming world catastrophe. It is this myopia, the failure to establish a system of collective security led to the deaths of millions of people and others huge losses”.

if the USSR among those leading countries that made a fatal error? Of course. Putin does not deny it. But here was whether Moscow has a real opportunity to avoid many of these errors?

it’s Easy to be strong in hindsight. But, on the basis of the facts shows GDP in his article, the freedom of maneuver of Moscow was very limited. The USSR tried to join the Alliance with France and great Britain and to save Czechoslovakia from Hitler takeover. Were London and Paris? First Moscow, to put it simply, he was sent to hell. And then by the famous result of the Munich betrayal of Czechoslovakia was given to Hitler on a silver platter.

This wasn’t just a act that is highly questionable in moral terms. It was also a huge strategic stupidity. Czechoslovakia was one of the main centers of war industry in Europe. Is it any wonder that the West does not like to remember about Munich, and so love — about “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact”?

be under no illusions. One single article, Putin is not able to provide a breakthrough in the information war. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction — a step which should be followed by many other steps. It is impossible to prevent the victory of those who are trying to turn the world into a bunch of mindless robots.