By the year 2025, 400,000 new apartments should be built every year, according to the SPD’s election promise. The project was to be implemented by Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz. But the minister failed miserably in the implementation.

“I’m the face of the current construction crisis, and that doesn’t feel nice.” Federal Construction Minister Klara Geywitz (46, SPD) said this sentence in an interview with “Spiegel”. Specifically, it is about an election promise made by the SPD: the Social Democrats promised 400,000 new apartments per year.

The project was to be implemented by Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz. Just 250,000 apartments were built last year. Geywitz concedes that the original goal will not be achievable until 2024 at the earliest. However, Geywitz does not see himself solely responsible. She is also demanding more speed from her government colleagues.

It is “high time” that Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) tackles the steps laid down in the coalition agreement, Geywitz told the “Spiegel”. “It would be good if spring didn’t have to break out over us first.”

The traffic light parties had agreed in the coalition agreement to extend the rental price brake until 2029 and to lower the so-called capping limit. It caps existing rents in particularly hot housing markets. Both legislative procedures are not exactly complex, said Geywitz. As far as they know, a draft already exists. “In principle, only two numbers have to be exchanged.”

The Minister of Construction was also open to capping so-called index rents. They are linked to inflation, which puts a particular strain on tenants in times of rising consumer prices. Geywitz could imagine linking index rents to general rental price developments or setting a cap here, too, she said. “But that is not in the coalition agreement, and the FDP sees no need for action.”