the Number of admissions is more important than the number of people infected with coronavirus, says the head of Norway’s national institute of health.

For the first time during the crisis with the coronavirus may Norway’s national institute of health report that the number of infected, hospitalized at the nation’s hospitals, fall.

Friday was hospitalized 303 patients with Covid-19, which is virussygdommen in the outbreak. Saturday is the figure dropped to 291.

– This is interesting. The number of admissions is more important than the number of infected people, says the acting director of the Norwegian national board of health, Espen Rostrup Nakstad, to NRK, which corresponds to the Danish Radio.

But one should be careful with making conclusions on the developments in only a day, he points out.

In Norway is 3845 persons registered infected with the coronavirus. Saturday afternoon it was 21. fatal confirmed. It was a 90-year-old woman from Drammen municipality, which was already weakened by another disease.

the average Age of the dead of the Covid-19 in Norway, 84 years of age.

It is only four percent of the over 82.000 norwegians, who are tested for Covid-19, which is infected.

Nakstad says to NRK that it can be difficult to say anything about mørketallene. But if there had been a lot more infection with the coronavirus in circulation, so would the percentage of the part of the tested with the disease have been higher.

on Saturday, the Danish authorities have informed that the 65 preliminary have lost their lives in Denmark as a result of the corona virus. This is an increase of 13 dead compared to Friday.

Saturday was 459 persons hospitalized in Denmark. The figure was 430 on Friday.

So the Danish figures show that is, in contrast to Norway a continued increase in the number of inpatients with Covid-19.