In Norilsk and in the Taimyr introduced a state of emergency after a major oil spill, the Norilsk CHP-3, which belongs to the division of the polar division of JSC MMC “Norilsk Nickel” and JSC “NTEK”. This happened after depressurization of the tanks. The fuel got into the soil, has polluted a river and moving in the Kara sea. While we are talking about 20 thousand tons of oil. The security company will not allow the emergency Rosprirodnadzor. The ecologist told us about the terrible consequences that can bear accident: disease in humans, the death of fish and animals.

a Leak of diesel fuel occurred on may 31. In the company “Norilsk Nickel” announced that the cause of the damage to the tank was the subsidence of the supports, which were more than 30 years. Passing at this time outside the store the vehicle caught fire from contact with spilled diesel fuel that caused the fire area of about 300 m2. The company also announced the collection of more than 100 tonnes of petroleum products in the adjacent areas is only 0.5% of the volume of the spill. Into place there arrived group of sea rescue service of Murmansk.

the Publication of “” published a video, which indicates a strong pollution of the river Barn, which was painted in a reddish color. The author of the video is gaining in a container of water from the river, then dabs at her paper, after which it burns and it lights up. Also affected by the river Daldykan and there is reason to believe that oil could reach the lake Pyasino.

Norilsk Prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal case on the fact of contamination of land by hazardous chemicals in their improper storage at CHP-3, which caused harm to the environment.

According to Vice-Premier of the government of Krasnoyarsk region Anatoly Tsykalov, the damage would have been significantly less if the local government has timely informed the regional center. He suggested that it would be possible to make a dam below the hill and then the oil would not have fallen into the river.

Chairman of the Board of the ecological center “Dront” Askhat Kayumov told “MK” about the consequences of a state of emergency : “This is a terrible catastrophe: the volume of leakage is very large. And if we look at the quality of the water, almost everywhere will see the concentrate of petroleum products. It happens all the time, as companies save on the repair and maintenance of their equipment. Often space pollution backfilled with sand and all. Inspectors arrive, but find nothing, just sand and sand.

This is a big problem for nature because dying everything that is in the water. If contaminated soil, killed invertebrates. Part of the substance is dissolved and can get across the water to the person, which in turn has internal organs. Another part evaporates and we breathe it. In any case, not only to kill the nature in anyway reflected in the people. It’s a giant disaster for the whole ecosystem.”

We continue to follow the developments of the tragic situation around the Taimyr and Norilsk.