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The only planes that were under way in the Norwegian airspace in the 18 times, it was the aircraft that passed between the other countries.

one was an Air Greenland aircraft on the way from Reykjavik to Copenhagen. The second a plane from British Airways that passed over South Norway on the way from London to Tokyo.

Screenshot from the site showed tonight that there is no air traffic over Norway at all. It is caused by a combination of the evening of easter Sunday and koronakrise, ” says Avinor.

Photo: Screenshot:

For the rest, it was quiet and at times not any flights to and from Norwegian airports.

A single SAS-machine got fly in peace from oslo Gardermoen to Stavanger at 18.25, surprisingly enough, a half an hour delayed in relation to the occurring time, and a different SAS aircraft came over Swedish airspace to Oslo from Tromsø.

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It is holy week now, with the holidays all in a row, but it is not, of course, what makes that the airports are deserted.

It is a combination of koronakrise and easter, ” says ms. Gurli Høeg Ulverud in Avinor.

– it is Now both Saturday and easter Saturday, and Saturdays are quiet in the first place. But we have at the same time a decline of 95 per cent of the traffic as a result of koronasituasjonen, so there are very few who travel.

Avinor has little to do and will consider whether to lay off when easter is over. Now it almost does not fly to and from Norway, and today, it is extra quiet.

Photo: Avinor

Kl. 18:42 of passing a freighter from Silk Way West Airlines high above Lillehammer on the way from Chicago to Baku.

Just after taking a Qatar Airways flight from Gardermoen with the direction of Brussels, while the single SAS plane started the descent to the Sola airport and is across the Setesdalsheiene.

But otherwise it is mostly empty in the air over Norway.

kl. 20.21 taking a ambulansefly from Oslo, heading for Bergen.

Can get permitteringer over easter

Avinor has more than 3000 employees all together, spread on 44 airports around the country.

With the ongoing koronasmitten in the world and restrictions on travel, air travel, something that is deeply affected. All of the major airlines have virtually the whole fleet standing on the ground.

Just something enkeltflyvninger to ensure that people come home from abroad is carried out.

Thus, there is little to do for Avinoransatte, and it will soon be a decision about permitteringer in the state flyplassorganisasjonen, as long as there are signals that air traffic picks up again.

– It is an assessment that is underway now. Now taking the survey and there will be meetings right over easter where there will be any decisions about permitteringer, says Ulverud.

Only a ambulansefly in the air

Kl. 20.49 there is only one aircraft in the air over Norway.

It is one of the ambulanseflyene to the company Babcock. Maybe a good picture of the situation we are in right now.

Only one aircraft is in the air over the Uk when the clock is approaching 21 on the evening of easter Sunday – it is a Cessna 680 A Citation from the company Babcock, a ambulansefly.

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