Police Friday in action in Aalborg. According to Ekstra Bladet is a man arrested in connection with the terrorsag.

The Police had on Friday morning a police operation on Ravnkildevej in Aalborg East.

The police on Twitter.

Police tell us no more about the action.

the Police will issue more information to the public regarding the politioperationen in the course of the day, writes police on Twitter.

According to the Ekstra Bladet has politiaktionen in Aalborg East related to the terrorsag, where police in december last year accused a number of persons that have prepared terrorist attacks.

When was a 26-year-old man among those arrested, but he was released again. Now the same man was arrested again, because police have obtained new evidence, learns ekstrabladet.

According to the newspaper, he will be produced in the Dommervagten in the Copenhagen city Court in the course of Friday. According to the newspaper, there is a new charge against the man.

According to the newspaper Nordjyske scours the police, a car and an apartment on the spot. On the pictures from the site it can be seen that the police also work in containers.

the Event is coordinated by the Copenhagen Police, as Ritzau confirms that there is a police operation, but will not disclose further at the present time.

Vicepolitiinspektør Brian Belling from the Copenhagen Police want the Friday morning not to tell, whether the police have arrested any of the action or comment on Ekstra information.

He says, however, that there will be a press release from the police on the action.