Several new revelations suggest that the answer to that question is no.

instead of shutting down, as soon as there was a suspicion that more people in the area were infected, suggesting that turistbranchens local topper did what they could to prolong the ski season in order to earn money. It writes the DR.

Already the 5. march, the icelandic authorities, the austrian ski haven for a risk area, because 14 icelanders were confirmed infected with the covid-19, after being returned from a skiing holiday in the area.

the Same day, rejected the health authorities in the Tyrol, however, that the needs of the icelanders could have been infected in Ischgl.

The 7. march sent the austrian health authorities, nevertheless, doctors to the popular ski resort to test for the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, they are only allowed to test persons who already had been selected. It tells one of the doctors to the austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

“My colleagues and I felt, however, that the coronavirus was already reached to Austria. Therefore, we agreed that it would be necessary to test much more than just some tourists from Italy and the icelandic tourist the cleaning lady.”

It turned out to be a good idea. According to the austrian newspaper it was one of the doctors ‘ spontaneous tests, which revealed that Austria’s ‘patient zero’ was a bartender from the popular après ski bar Kitzloch in Ischgl.

“At that time we should already have closed Ischgl down, it is we all agree on. From our point of view, the situation was clearly underestimated, and the reaction came too late,” says the anonymous doctor.

Nevertheless, brought health authorities in the Tyrol, the 8. march a press release in which which Francis Katzgraber exactly reassured by that “from a medical point of view there is a high probability that there will be an infectiousness in the Tyrol.”

Therefore, continued the ski season, which is usually in Ischgl. First the 10. march closed the authorities Kitzloch down. First day after closed all the bars, and even a day passed before the ski season was interrupted, and Ischgl was shut down.

Much to suggest that big players in the tourism industry in the Tyrol, has had influence on, that it took the authorities so long to shut down the popular ski resort down. Or at least that they tried to underplay the situation.

It reveals two TEXT messages, which Franz Hörl, Head of the erhvervsforbundet in Tyrol, sent to the owner of the afterskibaren Kitzloch the. 9. march.

‘Dear Peter. Please call back to me, or close your bar down. Otherwise you will be at fault in that season in Ischgl and possibly the whole of Tyrol ends,’ writes Franz Hörl in the first message.

In the next he writes among other things: ‘the Whole country is keeping an eye on your bar. If a camera proves how much there is time in the stands we tyrolere as a hottentot-state and smoking on the germans ‘ list. Ischgl and Tyrol’s reputation is going to take immense damage.’