New laws reduced paid Parking and gave the cottagers a holiday

Fathers added money

In half – from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles – increased in Tver oblast lump sum payment for awarded a medal of the region, “the glory of the father”.

Veterans have transferred money to the 75-th anniversary of the Victory

He introduced in 2020. It is awarded to fathers and adoptive parents living in the area and brought in one marriage and five more children.

in presenting the award will take into account the achievements of children in the educational, labor, creative, sport, social and other spheres of activity, and active life position family.

Pay-Parking lots – no!

Outbreak of the novel coronavirus sooner or later subside. And we will get back to normal. Sit behind the wheel of his car, going to the stadiums, in movie theaters. And the inhabitants Kaluga region a pleasant surprise.

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti Volodin Mishustin supported the abolition of Parking fees for physicians

Now, in the period of self-isolation, many of them do not even know that in the region in April came a new law about restriction on the organization of paid Parking. The ban will be introduced in the areas adjacent to the sports facilities, buildings for cultural and educational organizations, medical institutions.

Paid Parking is also prohibited near bodies of state power and local self-government. In addition, the municipal Parking lot can be used free of charge during the holidays.

“People don’t have to pay for Parking at the hospital, school, kindergarten. And in the weekend we come to Kaluga, not in order to give the money to the attendants. The situation with paid Parking needs to be organized”, – said the Chairman of legislative Assembly of regionAsti Victor Baburin.

the First paid Parking in Kaluga appeared in 2014. Initially there were 65 Parking for 850 cars. According to the experts, they showed themselves good tool for monitoring traffic situation. In peak throughput of city streets have increased by 10-15 percent and the accident rate decreased by 18 percent. This year added another about three hundred places paid Parking.

New promotion on travel

Arkhangelsk oblast has a new privilege. Now about 500 of its inhabitants, suffering from kidney failure, will receive compensation from the state budget for passage on hemodialysis.

Photo: iStock the Land replaced the money, and the fare fives at school

Such patients have life to undergo this procedure at least three times a week. It is carried out in six cities of the region. Residents of other territories are forced to go on dialysis about 15 times in a month. Travel sometimes comes at a price. “The number of such patients in recent years has grown twice, – said the Deputy of regional meeting Sergey Emmanuilov. – They are all “tied” to the place of assistance. If the person lives in the Kholmogory district, he compelled all his life to get this assistance in Arkhangelsk and Novodvinsk. The law, which we have adopted, will make it more available”.

Lawmakers have tried to save patients from bureaucratic problems. They will not have to provide travel tickets for payments. Amount will be calculated based on the distance and transport costs. And will be paid monthly, but be accountable for the expenditure of funds is not necessary.

Coronavirus rate cut

Today in all the regions the authorities are trying to alleviate the plight of enterprises those industries that are particularly affected by COVID-19. In Primorsky Krai reduced tax rate.

Entrepreneurs minimize regional taxes

first and foremost, this applies to transport companies operating in the international sphere, in sightseeing service. In the region there are 1248 such enterprises, and 18.6 thousand people work in the industry. “Their yield fell catastrophically, – stated the Chairman of the regional government Konstantin Shestakov. And tourist enterprises plummeted to zero”. And this is 302 the company.

the region has decided to reduce to one percent the rates for simplified tax system for transport companies, hotels and service industries. According to the “income minus expenses”, the tax rate was reduced from 15 to 5 percent.

These measures will reduce tax revenues more than three thousands of companies. And to preserve jobs for 7,5 thousand of Primorye.

Created Fund for growth

Astrakhan oblast to legalize the status of the regional industry development Fund.

Photo: press-service of the Governor of the Astrakhan region Astrakhan clothing enterprises switched to the production of masks

It will provide targeted loans from $ 5 million to 20 million rubles to the real sector of the economy at a discounted rate. From one to five percent per annum for five years. About it informs the website of the Fund.

the Loans can be issued for construction, reconstruction of production facilities, upgrade equipment and purchase of vehicles.

the law also outlines options support enterprises to expand markets and motivate companies to engage in training staffcov. “We enable the regional government to provide their support in a number of areas, – have explained “RG” the Chairman of the regional Duma Igor Martynov. For example, to advise educational institutions on demand today profnavykov in the industry. Financial help to those companies that conclude agreements with educational institutions for the training of employees or are themselves involved in the creation on its basis of educational centers.”

truckers will be the holiday

Yaroslavl oblast the law, which established the celebration of gardeners in the region.

the document spelled out that the celebration of Yaroslavl gardeners, during which the cottagers will be able to demonstrate new crops and share the secrets of its cultivation, will be held on the fourth Saturday of August. The initiative to establish their own holiday gardeners came from the regional Union of gardening and gardening non-commercial associations.