Lidl wants to face up to its responsibility as a company and, in times of climate change and scarcity of resources, offer less animal and more plant-based products. Is the veggie revolution coming at Lidl?

As the “ Lebensmittel Zeitung ” reports, chief buyer Christoph Graf explained at the Green Week in Berlin: “We need more conscious nutrition around the world in order to feed ourselves within our planetary boundaries.” In order to use the available resources for all people, the proportion of meat must therefore drop significantly.

According to Graf, this could also become a competitive advantage for Lidl and thus be perceived positively by the younger generation.

By 2025, Lidl wants to continuously expand its range of foods based on vegetable proteins. But that doesn’t mean that you want to dictate to your customers what they should or shouldn’t eat. “Instead, we try to motivate our customers,” says Graf. So that in case of doubt, the meatless alternative is used.

Lidl is also getting the food industry on board. There are certainly opportunities for this when the range is restructured to include more plant-based products. “The pressure to innovate is huge in this area. A schnitzel is a schnitzel. They can’t change much there. But with the replacement products, a lot has happened in terms of sensors.” Graf not only wants to involve the industry in the strategy, but also the competitors. He sees trade in Germany as a duty: “Because Europe and the world look at us as a country.”

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