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– to be completely honest, I want the police to act more resolute in the enforcement of the injunction to keep the distance, ” says Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo believes the best way to avoid the spread of the virus is to stay home and keep distance to the others. Cuomo increases the fines for violation of the distance rule.

Photo: Bryan R. Smith / AFP

the Governor of the u.s. state of says that his impression is that there are several who break the rules now than before.

Therefore, he will increase the fines for breaking the requirement to keep the distance, from 500 dollars to 1000 dollars.

– This we take seriously. This is not first and foremost about money, but about getting people to comply with the rule of distance, ” says the governor.

In New York, it is that in Norway, all are required to keep a distance of minimum two meters.

In the state smittespredningen gone faster than in Spain and Italy. New York city is the epicentre for the spread of korona in the united STATES.

Here are more than 130.000 registered as infected, almost 17.000 is admitted to the hospital for treatment of covid-19.

Closer to the 4.200 is so far died in the state.

the Governor of the state of New York asking police to be more resolute to get the citizens to keep distance to each other to limit the spread of the korona. Fines for violation of the rule to keep the distance will be increased from 500 to 1000 dollars.

Photo: John Minchillo / AP

Governor Cuomo believes that the “social distance” is the enkelttiltaket that best limits the spread of koronaviruset.

It can prevent us from getting a full-scale disaster, ” says Cuomo, according to news agency Associated Press.

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New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo to extend the closure in the state of up to 29. april.

Schools and businesses that are not critical for the community, must keep closed.

– This is not the time to relax, ” he says.

During a press conference Monday, he described dødsraten as a result of koronaviruset in New York city that is about to flatten out.

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The positive signals in some areas of the state of New York is encouraging, believes Cuomo.

But in other areas violates many charge to keep most of the indoor and observe the necessary distance to the other if they need to out.

– We should not make the same mistake as some others have done, namely, to declare too early that the danger is over, ” says Andrew Cuomo.

Health workers move a person who is dead of covid-19 from the hospital, Wychoff, in Brooklyn, to a waiting truck with cold rooms. Photo taken Monday 6. april.

Photo: Bryan R. Smith / AFP

On the national level is close to 350,000 americans infected by the koronaviruset, the number of dead has passed the 10.000.

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