In social media this week got a “bloody pastor”, the former head of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov, who for no reason, no reason at all declared readiness personally to storm the Crimea. It Turchynov, the acting President, in 2014, sent troops to the Donbass, which has since killed and wounded thousands of elderly, women, children. Users of the Network, all that he remembered, including the Ukrainian move.

Turchynov, however, he added: will be in the forefront to storm the Peninsula, but only if the President Zelensky decides to attack. That is, never. Why then shake the air – ask a.

Lyudmila Shchegoleva directly asks Turchynov: “Chogo well minute not sturmova Yogo? You W Bula Taka mozliwosci!” (“What have you stormed? You had the chance!”).

She echoed Nella Statkeviča: “Every day assault on the Donbass, why Turchinov not in the forefront? Amateur to play war games from Kiev.”

“the Roof was blown off. And – completely,” he diagnosed Alexander Shadrov.

Victor Nicolaescu support it, “Pastor crazy!!!”.

the Nickname “bloody pastor” Baptist Turchinov received for what started the war in the Donbass.

Sergei Savchenko, however, believes that Turchynov out of my mind: “No, I did not move, his finger in the pie, so they need to control the whole hostile situation for its security. Why rush back to power. Moved the who are the hostile-minded rubbish support, and then blame others for the problems and complains about his life in General.”

social media Users post about Turchinov said of administrators who had to edit out profanity. But the bounds of decency people have found something to say.

“so yummy!!! Just like that, and see how in the movie it in the forefront, shouting “For the Motherland! For Poroshenko”. … moron,” wrote Marina Valerievna.

A set of likes under a photo of the psychiatrist from “the Caucasian captive” with the words “come Back to the house, you moron!”, which placed Constantine Tepordei.

Alexander Kostin proposes: “Let another take his entire team at once, Yatsenyuk and other stormtroopers, the labor force will be useful to restore the channel”.

the North Crimean channel through which the Dnieper water supplied to the Crimea, was blocked after Turchynov. Under him, the militants blew up power lines that were given in the energy unit of Novokakhovsky HPP.

Vitaly Demidov also “urges” Turchynov: “it’s time already really want to see this whole bydlota in the face Turchinov, sat or was destroyed.”

Viktor Poluektov summed up the discussion: “Turchynov somehow does not understand that the Crimea: a) under the wing/cover Russia; and b) even without the participation of mainland are able to supply the attackers withthe corresponding position and otstarvet on Karaulnaya until the smoke from the ears. Classic barking of pug no more.”

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