In Kortrijk, The whole street was standing outside this morning, and when the two of She Merlevede (91) passed it in Kortrijk, belgium. She and her younger sister, Nicole, with whom she had her whole life to live together, have been handed in to the neighborhood. In this coronatijden be able to funerals, only in the inner circle, but the neighbors are on their last greeting her with a white cloth to wave.

all The sisters, She is (91) Nicole (89) Merlevede and have throughout their lives lived together, in the Jan Breydellaan in Kortrijk, belgium. “We have had, now and then, but for short he loves to be known, but these turned out to be a time, not close enough to leave the nest,” says Nicole. “At the time, we were just simply together, that will be another life for us no longer needed. I am a bit stronger of a character, She’s brought peace into my life. We fit well together.”
Death of hospital

She has to cope for a while with her health. “I’m up to the last day for her to continue to care, here at home. But last week, it was a pulmonary edema at the hospital. They have been there a few days, and died, shortly after I got there, the night still to go, was driven in part by the end of the process.” A big one for Nicole, who has her levensmaatje is lost. “I’m going to miss her. The void she leaves in my life, and it hurts so much,” says Nicole.

Burials at the heart of this coronatijden are only allowed in the inner circle, in order to the risk of infection to a minimum. “The neighbors thought that was such a shame that they’ve decided to take in a very special way to say goodbye to my sister. When the two of voorbijrijdt will soon be on their way to the church, and they are all standing outside waving a white cloth.”

“I like to be seen,”

yes, indeed, the two approaches came up with the neighbours, with a little left. “The sisters are very well known in the street,” said Roger Duyss and Helena Malfait, neighbors. “Everybody was close, anyway, to the afscheidsplechtigheid, because we are sure of that. But now, unfortunately, it’s not. This is why we have others calling for it to be a different way to address it is to deny, as they have for the last time voorbijrijdt. That’s what we really want to do it.”

“A very good initiative,” say the neighbors, Stu and Ann. “We’re happy to inform you. She was just like her older sister Nicole, who is a very sweet girl, and the oldest inhabitants of the street, and they were a very well-known. “She was greatly liked, like Nicole, actually,” said Roger. “They have always been present, as there is little to do on the street, and the kids were always welcome here.”

by Nicole was just as hard, and when She passed it, and the neighbors of its first uitwuifden, and then, for the last time, for her to applaudisseerden. “I am, and the neighbors are so grateful for the gesture, I really do.”