Bayern star Joshua Kimmich was sent off with yellow and red in his team’s away win at VfL Wolfsburg. He later complained that opponent Maximilian Arnold had provoked the decisive foul. He countered and described Kimmich’s statement as “complete nonsense”.

Post-game Zoff between Bayern star Joshua Kimmich and Wolfsburg captain Maximilian Arnold. National player Kimmich saw the yellow-red card in the 54th minute of his team’s 4-2 away win. The frustrated national player commented on the dismissal in an interview: “The first card is stupid. I let myself be carried away and provoked. […] Arnold then knows that I’ve got a yellow card and slows down a bit and lets me run up. I don’t see that I’m pulling his jersey. If the referee decides it’s a foul, I don’t know if he has to give a yellow card. That was very little. It was not a conscious action on my part.”

The “accused” Arnold vehemently contradicted Kimmich’s account. “I don’t consciously hit anyone because they have a yellow card. This is absolutely not my style and complete nonsense. I’m not the fastest and then cross it.” His conclusion on the dismissal for Kimmich: “The referee made the decision.”

Overall, Kimmich is currently experiencing a difficult phase at Bayern after the early World Cup exit. In an interview with “Dazn” he offers an attempt at an explanation: “In the last few games there has been more and more man marking. I have to come up with new things.” It is often the case that their own defenders overplay him, not (cannot) include him in the build-up of the game.

Kimmich continued: “It’s difficult for me because I don’t have as many opportunities to shape the game with a view to the future.” Next Saturday (3:30 p.m.) in the home game against VfL Bochum, Kimmich will have to watch from outside.